Farmers Fear Oil and Water Do Mix

Contamination Worries Fuel New Ballot Measure

Concern over "extreme" oil extraction techniques and water use and contamination fuel new ballot measure. Read story.

The Dog Agog

Einstein sheds light on treatment options. Read story.

Scalia: $3.5 Mil Just Chump Change

The going price to buy politicians just went up. Read story.

Vaccination Considerations

When is it ever ethical to a make a medical decision for your child that may endanger other children? Read story.

Farmers Fear Oil and Water Do Mix

Contamination Worries Fuel New Ballot Measure

Concern over "extreme" oil extraction techniques and water use and contamination fuel new ballot measure. Read story.

A Fair American Flat Tax

Tax Reform Is Equitable for Everyone

The United States and the states must reform their tax structures to make it more equitable for everyone. Read story.

Petty or Prejudice?

The Dichotomy of the Word 'Midget'

The sex-symbol status of Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage raises questions on nomenclature. Read story.

Religion + Politics = Manipulation

Many Use The Word to Make Policy as The Man

Religion in 21st-century America is less a belief system to bring meaning as it is a voting block that forgoes science and common sense. Read story.

Sheriff's Office Provoked Deltopia Riot

First They Banned Floatopia, Then They Took the Kids' Music

Santa Barbara should lighten up and let the students have their Floatopia back. Read story.

The Ahmadiyya Congressional Caucus

Bipartisan caucus forms to defend religious liberties. Read story.

American Riviera

Truth has been weirder than fiction in Isla Vista lately. Read story.


Riffing on both sides of the Deltopia debacle while feeling like each thought is a spell's magic tentacle. Read story.

Memories of Better Days Persist

Many St. Anthony's students have contacted me, and one asked about the barbershop, where he had sought refuge one ... Read story.

Free Lunch? How 'Bout Free Wi-Fi?

How can people justify coming into coffee shops and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi without buying anything? Read Letter

Healing St. Anthony's Hurts

"Room with a Pew" has been about one aspect of St. Anthony's, but there are two more sides to the story. Read Letter

A Poll

There are two stabbing victims and 15,000 drunks on your front lawn, who do you call? Read Letter

Just Enough Water

"Just enough water" to flow into Hilton Creek for the trout is seven to eight acre feet a day — every day. Read Letter

I.V. and Alcohol

Mr. Kettmann writes glowingly of the Isla Vista experience in "The Death of Isla Vista." Read Letter

War Dollars

We should spend more on critical needs — climate change, crumbling bridges and roadways, the growing divide between rich and poor — not the Pentagon. Read Letter

New Sheriff Would Prevent Deltopia

The recent street party in Isla Vista once again turned into a riot. How could this not be predicted by the team led by Sheriff Brown? Read Letter


Build an ark of sufficient cubits to hold 15,000 inebriates. Read Letter

POOPS for I.V.

There's something to be learned from the effect parents have on festive gatherings — the atmosphere immediately evaporates to be replaced with a still and wary watchfulness. Read Letter

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Sheriff Bill Brown has found it necessary to terminate the two custody deputies charged with excessive force before their day in court has occurred. Read Letter

Loady Lane

Recollections of sinsemilla in 1977. Read Letter

I Heart Isla Vista

There will always be the drunk assholes, but there will also always be the people who care about the community, who want to party responsibly. Read Letter

Close Diablo

PG&E has never met fire protection regulations at the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, according to David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Read Letter

Obamacare Testimonial

The changes Obamacare forced on the health-insurance industry resulted in my policy benefits increasing while my costs have dropped. Read Letter

Jagwar Ma

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