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Macias Found Guilty

Ray Macias was found guilty by a Santa Maria jury of kidnapping for extortion.

Tuesday Morning Vandenberg Launch Scheduled

Unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile will take off from Lompoc.

City Tax Receipts at Record Level

Sales tax revenue for fiscal 2014 has surpassed the record set in 2007.

Review: Crosby, Stills & Nash at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Old songs mixed and mingled with new clunkers on Saturday, September 20.

Not Squeezed, Strangled

Rental manager getting evicted so landlord can raise rent on his apartment.

P Is for Products

Petroleum is very useful stuff. You can make plastics, lubricants, a myriad of chemicals, and roads with it.

SBCC Football Wins Big

Vaqueros are golden in the red zone at East L.A. with a win 45-13.

Water Solutions Sought

County invites citizens to become "planning partners" in a study of future water options.

Antioch Wins Federal Grant

Funds aimed at increasing retention of minority and low-income students.

DUI Checkpoints Coming

UCSB and Isla Vista police profile raised.

Bringing the Light to Isla Vista

Committee for a New Isla Vista meets October 7.

The S.B. Questionnaire: Marla McNally Phillips

Going way in with the music publishing maven and supporter of the arts.

Laguna Blanca Gets Sand Volleyball Courts

The Owls dig in at their new on-campus sand courts.

Limitations of GDP: Economic Activity That Isn't Counted

Some important parts of the economy never find their way into GDP estimates because they just aren't counted.

Blind Tiger’s Big Reveal

Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes head to State Street.

Chancellor Gets a Raise

Henry Yang's paycheck goes up 20 percent.

When It Rains,
Let's Make Better Use of It

We may be out of our depth with desal.

Missing Ms. Schwyzer

As dance companies throw open their doors to a new performance season, absent from our corridors is the composed presence of our beloved Elizabeth Schwyzer.

Drill Baby Drill?

Federal oil lease bill passes House, goes to Senate.

Pros and Cons of Measure P Debated

Short history of oil delivered by Shane Stark.

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