April 24, 10:17 PM

tabatha on "UCSB Leads Way in Green Efforts " Congratulations, UCSB. You provide an example for many to follow. Cleaning up the environment is something that is our duty for future generations. Al Gore is a very minor player ... Read More.

April 24, 10:15 PM

Ken_Volok on "Out of Control" Or maybe this is all connected to the mysterious activity on San Miguel Island: Read More.

April 24, 9:57 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Out of Control" Maybe they were referring to the Dravidians. Read More.

April 24, 9:47 PM

GPaudler on "Fracking Ban Critical for Climate" That's some fancy reality you got there realitycheck. The coal industry died out in Santa Barbara county in, oh, never was and the fracking, acidization and steam injection that industry ... Read More.

April 24, 9:28 PM

foofighter on "By the Numbers" $40,000 - the average value of social safety net programs for those not working: Food, housing vouchers, medical care, social services counseling. Pays not to work. Read More.

April 24, 9:25 PM

foofighter on "UCSB Leads Way in Green Efforts " Does UCSB keep long term, verifiable metrics to justify this more expensive option of operations, or does it just run through someone else's surrogate check list for what is now ... Read More.

April 24, 9:12 PM

foofighter on "D’Vine Café Closing After 10 Years of Business" Cool spot but food was never all that great. Good luck and happy travels. Read More.

April 24, 9:10 PM

foofighter on "Gang Wars Hit City Hall" ahem, I bet Francisco did not say all that either. Sort out what he said and then what words you later put into his mouth. Thnx. Read More.

April 24, 9:01 PM

Ken_Volok on "Out of Control" Round and 'round and around we go; where this thread's headed, nobody knows! Read More.

April 24, 7:08 PM

WordsOfReason on "Women Need an Economic Agenda" Capps asserts, "by raising the national minimum wage to $10.10, we could lift almost one million people out of poverty and generate $22 billion in new economic activity." There are ... Read More.

April 24, 7:01 PM

Ken_Volok on "Out of Control" PS. Nobody "cheered the slaughter" of the Davidians. Show me the throngs arriving with marshmallows and hot dogs on sticks, uncorking bottles of champagne, and shooting off firecrackers. You can't ... Read More.

April 24, 6:56 PM

Ken_Volok on "Out of Control" Yes the Davidians we're nuts. And you also know darn well if the mainstream media reportedl favorably of Bundy you'd be against him - fess up, you know it's true ... Read More.

April 24, 6:46 PM

foofighter on "Gang Wars Hit City Hall" If I were a betting man I would bet Gregg Hart was trying to play both ends against the middle on this one. I smell this boy is running for ... Read More.

April 24, 6:39 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Women Need an Economic Agenda" 'If they ARE on the books" billclausen (anonymous profile) April 24, 2014 at 6:36 p.m. Hey clausen, why do you have to say "ARE" and not "are"? Haven't you read ... Read More.

April 24, 6:37 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Women Need an Economic Agenda" Ok Realitycheck, you brought this on yourself: Read More.

April 24, 6:36 PM

billclausen on "Women Need an Economic Agenda" OK, aren't there laws on the books preventing gender-based pay discrimination? If not, why aren't these laws being passed? If they ARE on the books, why aren't they being enforced, ... Read More.

April 24, 6:28 PM

14noscams on "Sign Now to Ban Fracking" I signed the petition. I've also viewed Youtube videos showing the presence of HAARP ELF radiation on radar websites in the midwest that coincides with earthquakes attributed to fracking. HAARP ... Read More.

April 24, 6:20 PM

billclausen on "VIDEO: Al Gore's Daughter Gets Married in Carpinteria" Why can't they leave them alone? Let them celebrate the happy occasion in peace. Read More.

April 24, 5:56 PM

ahem on "Gang Wars Hit City Hall" Foofighter, you are right, I reread the report and thought about what I heard yesterday, and he did not insinuate. He declared that he represented people that were not present ... Read More.

April 24, 4:24 PM

jdiggs on "Sign Now to Ban Fracking" I've signed! I don't want to risk my health and water for the sake of more and dirtier oil. This is not the right choice for our area where we ... Read More.

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