July 31, 9:11 AM

random_kook on "Jews Against the War" Israel controls the money supply and therefor controls the Government. Congress will continue to offer support, and when Israel finds itself in trouble, US troops will join the fight. Parents, ... Read More.

July 31, 9:08 AM

henryjk on "Problems with Bowl Show Parking?" The high school should negotiate for a more substantial cut of the tickets or the parking lot income, but they should stay out of the parking lot business. Read More.

July 31, 9:01 AM

random_kook on "Germany Awake, America Asleep?" There's a great deal of talk about sanctions in the news. It's all BS. The US and Europe are still buying up Russian oil, gas, and uranium. The so-called sanctions ... Read More.

July 31, 8:55 AM

random_kook on "Israel, Hold Back" With Stanley Fischer (Israeli and self-proclaimed zionist) at the Federal Reserve, Israel controls the entire US money supply and therefor controls the government. As US citizens we can do nothing ... Read More.

July 31, 8:48 AM

JarvisJarvis on "We All Need Health Care Now" Far more worrisome than the costs of US health care is the failure to provide quality health care no matter what ot who pays for it. Much like what has ... Read More.

July 31, 8:31 AM

JarvisJarvis on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" Trey Gowdy's special investigation will be finally presenting all the facts you need about Obama's gun-running operation out of the "special annex" in Benghazi funded by the Saudi's and Qatar. ... Read More.

July 31, 8:27 AM

OpenMind on "A Once and Future Dog" Immigration reform won't happen any time soon. Although in the meantime, nationals from Mexico ought to carefully think about whether Mexico cares about its own citizens crossing the border illegally. ... Read More.

July 31, 8:26 AM

DavyBrown on "P-ing Up a Rope? " agree, nitrogen, and the industry flacks are going all-out to brow-beat and scare voters, not through thoughtful opposition but through scare tactics like these. Good to see the running scared; ... Read More.

July 31, 8:23 AM

DavyBrown on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" nativeson, under Silverberg's letter, A LOOK AT HAMAS, tabatha wrote, and do please consider her thoughtful words, "Most groups of people under threat, think of their own survival and circle ... Read More.

July 31, 8:10 AM

nitrogen on "P-ing Up a Rope? " It's going to be funny to see the industry's argument entirely fall apart once the county staff write the exemptions ordinance. There will be no grounds for litigation. Unfortunately, since ... Read More.

July 31, 8:08 AM

buckwheat on "Problems with Bowl Show Parking?" The school should be able to benefit from the use of their parking lot. Parking around the bowl neighborhood has been a problem for all forty of the years I've ... Read More.

July 31, 8:07 AM

nativeson on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" He's referencing stories like this one from the WashPost, tabatha: Quote from the article: "A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in ... Read More.

July 31, 8:01 AM

DavyBrown on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" this is a ridiculous statement, nativeson, which I pointed out earlier: "I know it’s not PC to say anything about mentally challenged people, but when will the world have enough ... Read More.

July 31, 7:50 AM

DrDan on "A Once and Future Dog" but BC, Nick's history is correct when he writes, "For decades, these countries were ruled by the United Fruit Company (hence the term “banana republic”), and if the populace got ... Read More.

July 31, 7:40 AM

Botany on "A Once and Future Dog" "I understand with immigration there are no good answers. But what the hell happened to taking care of “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning”?" I'll tell you what ... Read More.

July 31, 7:29 AM

snugspout on "A Once and Future Dog" Great column. One name... Smedley Butler. Want to understand US policy toward Central America? Look him up. Read More.

July 31, 7:23 AM

Botany on "We All Need Health Care Now" Why do people think that government involvement in the healthcare system will make healthcare cheaper? Of course healthcare will become more expensive, just like everything else the government touches. Read More.

July 31, 7:05 AM

LasBrisas on "Schools See Lots of Construction" I am surprised that there is no further mention of TELACU. Back in the day I worked in East Los Angeles near a TELACU site. They are survivors. From their ... Read More.

July 31, 7:01 AM

tabatha on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" "Obama's Benghazi operation ran a rat line of weapons intended to reach Syrian rebels, but ended up in the hands of ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah." Source, please - with real ... Read More.

July 31, 6:55 AM

nomoresanity on "We All Need Health Care Now" Rather often actually, loonpt carries a pocket mirror and frequently talks face to face with his own little buddy. Read More.

July 31, 6:14 AM

nativeson on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" You can't be serious, DB. I mean, really, what level of insincerity could possibly make you believe that anyone who puts a suicide vest on themselves or others has a ... Read More.

July 31, 6:09 AM

dolphinpod14 on "We All Need Health Care Now" I hope this includes mental h ealth care. Read More.

July 31, 6:05 AM

Botany on "Marriage: No Diversity " Marriage is less of a procreative relationship than it is an economic one. People at the bottom of the economic ladder don't get married to preserve their government benefits. Likewise, ... Read More.

July 31, 6:04 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Marriage: No Diversity " Dr.Dan has been married almost half his life. As I sit here, completly plastered on Jack Daniels, the thought comes into mind: For those opposed to gay marriage, do U ... Read More.

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