October 1, 1:59 AM

billclausen on "Payback?" @Nativego: Those who are behind the expansion already have more money in their bank accounts than most people will ever have. Rest assured that they will never have to worry ... Read More.

October 1, 1:42 AM

billclausen on "Bringing the Light to Isla Vista " Are you drunk in IV again loon? nomoresanity (anonymous profile) September 30, 2014 at 11:19 p.m. As I recall, Loon is more into pot than alcohol, and who says he's ... Read More.

October 1, 1:40 AM

billclausen on "Pray Tell: The Hocus Pocus of Happy Thoughts" JayB: I could be wrong, but I'm beginning to get the feeling that you might not like me. At least if that's the case, I'd be right about something according ... Read More.

October 1, 12:46 AM

loonpt on "Climate Change in the Air" What I've learned from anti-kook's nuclear energy movie so far: The government funded, subsidized and regulated the wrong kind of nuclear reactor which generates exponentially more nuclear waste and thus ... Read More.

September 30, 11:49 PM

loonpt on "Bringing the Light to Isla Vista " lol, if everybody wanted to hang out with CSO officers most of them probably wouldn't be CSO officers. I'm surprised you haven't read about me advocating less police and more ... Read More.

September 30, 11:30 PM

nomoresanity on "Climate Change in the Air" All of the models show long term drought is the norm in our area. Forget about the theoretical global warming debate; we know we do not have enough water over ... Read More.

September 30, 11:26 PM

nomoresanity on "Eyes on UCSB for Nobel" Professor Stucky is one of the top three cited materials chemists in the world and an ethical human being. He recently received the Spanish equivalent of the Nobel Prize. If ... Read More.

September 30, 11:21 PM

nomoresanity on "Adult Ed Threatened Again" I never realized that the charter mission of CC was to enrich the lives of old people. And here I thought they were here to educate LOCAL people intending to ... Read More.

September 30, 11:19 PM

nomoresanity on "Bringing the Light to Isla Vista " Are you drunk in IV again loon? If we get unlimited CSO's to "escort" drunk fools then every public institution in California will be forced to do the same thing. ... Read More.

September 30, 9:24 PM

DeborahSmith on "Teaching Students to Learn" If you are good teacher and you elaborate the things perfectly to the students then they will learn the things easily. Read More.

September 30, 9:01 PM

MysteryZ on "Hot, Dry, Windy Weather on the Way" What should we do if see a chemtrail? Read More.

September 30, 8:36 PM

onewithnature on "The S.B. Questionnaire: Catherine Remak" Very bazaar, and really rude comments, from some really obnoxious people. Why so rude? I think Katherine Remak is a lovely women, and I enjoyed this little interview of one ... Read More.

September 30, 8:09 PM

14noscams on "Climate Change in the Air" rocket625-thedrought has nothing to do with population. It's climate- there have been 200-year droughts in the past. The media doesn't report the truth about climate, particularly in the US. ... Read More.

September 30, 8:07 PM

Eckermann on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" This is what can come of hiking with unleashed dogs. Dogs can rustle up and agitate all manner of critters such as rattle snakes, mountain lions, and bears. From which ... Read More.

September 30, 7:50 PM

DavyBrown on "Payback?" But Native1 what about the 1000 acres+ of Camp 4 the Tribe is trying to turn into Rez land via fee-transfer?? I agree the Las Vegas analogy is extreme, but ... Read More.

September 30, 7:44 PM

DavyBrown on "The Ethics of War" Thank you, Ben, for response. I believe this is a mistake, and we will soon a la Boehner, have boots there and our guys dying... ethically obscene. Read More.

September 30, 7:39 PM

DavyBrown on "P Is for the Planet" YES on P! Thanks for this Mr. Anderson. Nativegeo, since you have nothing there, fella, you attempt to unmask a poster while hiding behind your own posting handle: this shows ... Read More.

September 30, 7:19 PM

buckwheat on "Jail's Inmate Welfare Fund Gets Rich " How many of these inmates have yet to be convicted? Those who haven't yet been convicted are still innocent until proven guilty. Some of these will not be convicted yet ... Read More.

September 30, 7:00 PM

random_kook on "The Ethics of War" Talk about unethical: Using this whole "conflict" as a scam to get more money. "The Pentagon isn't only facing new threats in the Middle East; it also is confronting ... Read More.

September 30, 6:57 PM

nativegeo on "Payback?" G. Dahlen, how could you possibly know what the Chumash went through in the 18th and 19th centuries? Las Vegas is not coming to Santa Ynez. This is their land ... Read More.

September 30, 6:51 PM

solvangman on "The Misguided Measure P" Spacey, Are you a member of "System Change not Climate Change"? If not, you should be. This guy forgot more before breakfast than you ever learned about the industry. Read More.

September 30, 6:00 PM

nativegeo on "P Is for the Planet" geeber, since you are Ben Manski, chair of the local green party, why bother posting? Your debate is so one sided. There is nothing us oiler fellars could do to ... Read More.

September 30, 5:57 PM

Native1 on "Payback?" I don't agree with the towers being built. I think they are a blight on the area and a completely inappropriate and opportunistic decision on the part of the tribe. ... Read More.

September 30, 5:54 PM

Native1 on "Hunt for Bear Called Off" I'm glad this lady and her dogs were okay. I'm also very relieved they called off the hunt for this bear, who was likely a very frightened juvenile or adolescent ... Read More.

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