November 28, 1:26 PM

ahem on "The president's immigration policy?" ... or Anarchism, which is a step removed from Libertarianism. Read More.

November 28, 12:31 PM

khiggler on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" Angry people need to be around more non-angry people so they learn how to behave. Anger habits killed Michael. And Yes, always blame the parents, especiallly for Michaels decades old ... Read More.

November 28, 11:20 AM

dewdly on "Wearing Hijab for Modesty in All Things" loonpt, Husbands and fathers are the primary promoters of modesty and sexual fidelity in their wives and daughters - and that is true in every culture. I don't think you ... Read More.

November 28, 10:54 AM

RHS on "Homeless Camps Cleaned Up " Well at least we waited until after Thanksgiving and all the warm and fuzzy feelings it generates to announce this generosity of Santa Barbara's spirit. This town has a long ... Read More.

November 28, 10:31 AM

nuffalready on "Sea Level Rise Slowing?" We keep asking about the Blue Line Project. Recall in 2007 we planned to paint blue lines on SB streets showing how far inland the ocean shoreline would rise due ... Read More.

November 28, 10:14 AM

nuffalready on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" As you top off that tank with $2.85 gas Chairman, do you momentarily set aside your frantic concern for 'reckless oil speculators' and oil 'blood money'? Read More.

November 28, 8:42 AM

nativegeo on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" And what will cheap energy mean for the greenies?? Sorry losers... Read More.

November 28, 8:04 AM

Sam_Tababa on "State Urged to Fix Fatally Flawed 9-1-1 System" Sad and desperate lawsuit by the family seeking money... The issue is big but the fact that a family is actually suing these departments is insane. To blame the death ... Read More.

November 28, 7:38 AM

nomoresanity on "S.B. Responds to President's Immigration Reform" Santa Barbara for life nails it: A living wage for illegal aliens, now legalized in mass under legal executive order, is the answer... Less than 15% of illegals in Ca ... Read More.

November 28, 7:32 AM

nomoresanity on "Misery at the Missions" True, but as the Ferguson eye witness testimony demonstrates the eye witness accounts do not always line up with the forensic evidence. I suggest that we ask Dan a series ... Read More.

November 28, 7:26 AM

ordermypapers on "The High Price of Renting in Paradise " I have been following this for a long time and I really think I have learned so much! Read More.

November 28, 7:17 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Do you want to carry a gun?" This short four minute video deals with what happens when the wrong people get a hold of guns. Read More.

November 28, 7:13 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Misery at the Missions" I would find it hard to argue with Dr.Dan since he is so old that he was actually alive at the time this happened. Read More.

November 28, 7:10 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Do you want to carry a gun?" Do I want to carry a gun? No, I want the gun to carry ME. Read More.

November 28, 6:41 AM

nomoresanity on "Police Raid Almond Avenue Meth Den" Funny and not racist Jarvis. Even nuttier spacey is to tell us that all of the illegal aliens are fabulous citizens and deserve dispensation above and beyond what anyone else ... Read More.

November 28, 6:39 AM

nomoresanity on "Do you want to carry a gun?" To the contrary, excellence is found at the bottom of an inexpensive bottle of fortified wine. No website necessary. Available at corner stores around the United States. Read More.

November 28, 6:30 AM

nomoresanity on "Misery at the Missions" Mea Culpa Dan for my having been an idiot. And your text was quite clear. My Reading Comprehension Coach deserves to be fired. Perhaps I was too busy actually reading ... Read More.

November 28, 6:24 AM

nomoresanity on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" That was kinda' funny ahem in a 3rd grade kinda' way... DD-Sorry to burst your generalized bubble but I have read through hundreds of pages of stuff over the past ... Read More.

November 28, 6:23 AM

nathantodd63 on "Do you want to carry a gun?" Superb one! I have never read such a nice article; topic and the comments are good. I have learned many things from all your post and this one was the ... Read More.

November 28, 5:58 AM

hermanalvarez50 on "Do you want to carry a gun?" If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude. Read More.

November 28, 5:05 AM

geeber on "San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit" Oil prices dropping. Organized opposition to drilling in folks backyards. Producers freaking about loss of $$$$ spent on careless speculation. Showing their true colors and typical lack of ethics, they ... Read More.

November 27, 10:58 PM

ahem on "Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson" To all the anti-intellectuals: You seem to think my point was directed toward you and thus your knee jerked. Why expose yourselves? Read More.

November 27, 10:18 PM

Smiles on "Local Heroes 2014" I know several of these wonderful heroes personally. They give way beyond whatever job they have, the kind of giving that's done without thought to return investment. They are among ... Read More.

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