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Posted on February 18 at 11:29 p.m.

The article is sound. The incident is strange. Unless there is video of the man brandishing or the "suspect" was so stupid that he admitted to the "crime", then he should get it dropped to "disturbing the peace" and it ultimately getting dropped without any further time in jail. This charge appears to be absolutely ridiculous. Unless they found a meth lab in this guy's house, there was no reason for A) the arrest and B) the arrest. It was on his property for f**k sake. At the very least, the key word here is CURTILAGE: "It delineates the boundary within which a home owner can have a reasonable expectation of privacy and where "intimate home activities" take place. It is an important legal concept in certain jurisdictions for the understanding of search and seizure, conveyancing of real property, burglary, trespass, and land use planning"

The "suspect" hopefully used his right to remain silent, and his right to a criminal attorney and then a pro-bono civil attorney. If this arrest was made in poor judgement, then I would start with suing the owner of the dog in question, then personally suing the arresting officer (after getting a dollar estimate his home), the sergeant on scene, and the city of Santa Barbara. I would then hire a PR person that is close with the NRA. This guy could be on Fox News by Monday talking about how our police force has become overly militant. I would argue the police were reactionaries and that they trespassed without strong probably cause.

Of course, I wasn't there. The guy could be a total POS with a history of brandishing. And as I have a lot of friends in the force and most of the SBPD are college educated, I would say that there was a pretty damn good reason to arrest this guy. There are definitely better ways to handle situations with dogs, especially noting that he himself is a dog owner. Shame on him for making this gun debate worse for the good, responsible gun owners. IN SB, there is always an alternative to pulling a gat.

On Man with Gun Arrested on De La Vina Street

Posted on February 13 at 12:26 p.m.

The blame should party fall on the Independent for endorsing Obama. The rest of the blame should fall on the voters that voted for Obama. This is his baby. Welcome to the new world of unaffordable healthcare. Thanks.

On Thousands of Sansum Patients Left Stranded

Posted on April 9 at 1:53 p.m.

Great story and I am glad this was written. I was hoping there names would come out. I am a gun owner and a pet owner, including a dog. This is a complicated situation. However, speaking as a gun owner, I feel these guys just wanted to shoot something. They like the feel of the kill and I am positive they shot at more than just the dog that day. Probably a fox, a bunny, who knows, but I am positive they did. However, Wild boar/pigs are aggressive and vicious and destroy land. I have hunted them. Thus there are many sides to this story. But, an experienced shooter would and should react better than what happened. And, the dog owner should have had a better handle on his dog.

Frankly, this should be hashed out in civil litigation. Luckily for the dog owner, in civil litigation, one must only convince the jury for a majority to win his/her case. I do hope, in this rare incident, that I get that jury summons in the mail that week and that i have the opportunity to serve. If so, I will giggle with joy and convince the judge of my non bias and sit there quietly and on the inside, ponder and stare at these dumb hunters and nod and judge and then make a recommendation of a settlement that will be feasible yet terrible for the hunters to pay over the course of the next ohhh...10 years of their garnished wages. Sorry boys. Your are on the wrong side of this one.

On Dogs Versus Hunters in the Backcountry

Posted on February 28 at 4:20 p.m.

I sure hope that Judge Ochoa will be volunteering to pay the expense of yesterdays search and rescue. Speaking as a local taxpayer, I sure as hell don't want to pay for this. I am very happy she is safe, and the fact that he is a well known judge is notable on the short time line for an all out search, however as they refuse to go public on the reasons, I vote that they pay for the full price tag of yesterdays ridiculousness.

On Case of Disappearing Anchorwoman 'Solved'

Posted on February 4 at 2:36 p.m.

@Chester, I am sure the industry contacts would fall in line should the board make a change to the leadership.

The SBIFF is A last stop on the Academy tour with numerous Academy members in attendance. The smartest decision Durling ever made for the SBIFF (and all due credit) was moving the dates to just before the Academy Awards. Di Caprio cancelled for the sole reason that he was passed over for nomination this year. I am very proud of Durling's accomplishments at transforming the SBIFF, but he couldn't do it without a solid support team over the years and without the patrons of Santa Barbara for which he and his team worked very hard to no longer alienate, as the Director before him did.

Durling is a complicated man, but knows his stuff. It is a balance between pleasing the masses and keeping the interest of the genre specific individual close to his heart, while maintaining a non-profit business alive and well.

On Jennifer Lawrence’s Awkward Conversation

Posted on February 1 at 11:27 p.m.

Instead of calling this article "The Kalashnikov and I", Barney should have called it..."The Kalashnikov and I are both tools."

On The Kalashnikov and I

Posted on February 1 at 11:20 p.m.

Wow, yet another completely useless and uninformed article about gun violence. It's the gun's fault according to Barney...yet again. Barney seems to write a lot about guns, yet knows absolutely nothing about them or our CA laws. Maybe a little more research would be in order. This lady didn't break any laws by buying a gun. The fact that she chose to use a gun in the course of multiple felonies is the problem. Our awful mental health state is a problem. Oh and thanks for the tip about the illegally buying guns in another state and walking it across state lines deal Barney. For the people who didn't know how to do that and were sitting at home wondering " can I get me a ghat...hmm...this nice guy at the Indi has a great idea", aaaannnd now they will thanks to Barney...and yes it is illegal to do it. Kinda like when Obama and Holder did the Gun Walking to Mexico cartels which resulted in deaths of untold amount of innocent people. Barney, you really should stick to writing/complaining about what you know.

On The Goleta Postal Murders

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