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Posted on January 13 at 8:09 a.m.

President Obama never wanted to work out an agreement with the
Iraqi government. Furthermore, as Gates revealed, he never believed
in a victory in Afghanistan and it is no secret he is no fan of our military.
Today, al Qadea is stronger, Israel is in grave danger, the Middle East is ablaze and the US is in more danger than ever.
Obama has been president for 5 years. This is his legacy.

On Al Qaeda Fears

Posted on January 11 at 8:02 a.m.

Amazing. All I did was reveal the MS media didn't reveal the true
motives of the "global warming scientists." As a result, the SB Independent
attack dogs appeared. Never mind that global warming/climate change
is all about power, money, and how the environmental "religious" fanatics
are destroying our energy policies, costing Americans millions and
destroying jobs. Furthermore, this is a world-wide scam.

On Global Freezing?

Posted on November 5 at 8:22 p.m.

It is amazing how leftists attack people personally who disagree
with them. Never mind that our country is failing apart under this
administration. To bad they can't live in the real world, instead of
playing word games and assuming they know who people are.

As an after thought, it is estimated around 1 million people in
California will lose their HC insurance because most major HC
insurance companies were required to contractually drop non-ACA
compliant plans on December 31, according to the San Francisco
Business Times. So much for the president telling the truth.

On Bill of Goods

Posted on November 5 at 1:32 p.m.

Each day we are learning more about how President Obama lied to
us about Obamacare. He gave the white House, including himself, a
waiver from Obamacare. Like all the other corruptions that happened
before the Obamacare web site failure, it is questionable whether he
will admit responsibility or be held accountable. Everyone is afraid to
confront him, because he is the first black president. Never mind that
he is part white and arab. Personally, I would support him if he believed
in limited government, supporting our military or growing our free
market economy. Sadly, he believes just the opposite and our country
is suffering as a result.

On Bill of Goods

Posted on April 28 at 9:17 a.m.

I wonder what many of the writers will say when the
next attack occurs? An informant from the FBI has already
said there are sleeper cells in America and an EX Taliban
members has said many are walking around our country.
When will Americans wake-up instead of playing word
games? Americans and politicians are making it easy for
Islamic radicals to take over America. And what about the
Mosques that are teaching many to become radicalized?

On Islam Nexus with Peace

Posted on April 27 at 8:18 a.m.

Actions speak louder than words. America is in for a
rough ride, as there are sleeper cells throughout our country,
ready to attack.

On Islam Nexus with Peace

Posted on October 8 at 5:30 p.m.

To KV,
Most of the people attacking us in the SB
Independent are liberals. Bet you are. Some may be
.. independents or libertarians. Unlike some people
above, we believe in free speech and think it is OK
for everyone to voice their opinions. It reveals who they
. are and how they think. By the way, calling us racist
and unsuccessful reveals who you are. We have been
very successful in everything we have accomplished
and admire people like Allen West, Denzel Washington
and the Lakers. We don't agree with Obama's vision
for America and his policies. ( Big Government + Debt)
And there you go again, mocking people. Childish.

On We're Better Off

Posted on October 8 at 2:46 p.m.

From the above replies, we can see that the left always
attacks anyone who disagrees with them by labeling them,
mocking them or calling them crazy. If the left is doing so
great, why is California in such bad shape? As far as the
recent jobs report, the drop was due to an increase of state
+ government jobs and 600,000 part time jobs. People have
lost their unemployment benefits. Then too, if the president
was such a great leader, why did he bow to foreign leaders,
turn his back on Israel, not give support to the freedom
fighters in Iran, and ignore Ambassadors Stevens' request for
more + continued security in Libya ( special forces)? As
far as HC, there are several taxes coming in it and Obama
+ company made deals with big insurance, especially AARP.
The present administration is all about bigger + more govern
ment. Things are not good in our country.

continued security in Libya,

On We're Better Off

Posted on October 6 at 3:36 p.m.

It is amazing how everyone labels us. We are only Republicans because they are closest to our views. We could
just as easily be independents. We are concerned about all
people who have lost their jobs, and we know a lot. By the way, the real unemployment is around 11% and millions of people are out of work. Why do you think so many people
are on food stamps, disability and unemployment? Obama
has added some jobs, however most of them are
government + union jobs. He wants to destroy the private
sector and transform ( " go forward") to a socialist nation.
. Finally, we don't believe in playing the victim card. We
believe in hard work, individual freedom + responsibility, unlike Obama who believes in government control + social justice.
. ( communism)

On We're Better Off

Posted on October 6 at 9:05 a.m.

Our son has worked for over 10 years for a company
that sets up programs + helps people buy health insurance. Now that Obamacare has been OKed by the Supreme Court, people
in his company are being let go. Not only is his company being
downsized, but jobs will be outsourced to India. Once again the
private sector is being hurt. By the way, your message was still
As far as enhanced interrogations, I don't consider
waterboarding torture, and it lead to information that helped
find bin Laden. By the way, to all you far-left Democrats,
how would you stand up to a growing threat of radical
Islamists? Talk to them? They would laugh and plan to
cut your heads off. As far as the world is concerned, most
of the leaders + countries would like to diminish or destroy
America, and Obama is helping them. Maybe you would
like our children to live in a powerless America, but I do
not. Like many of my friends, which include rational Democrats,
we are afraid of the future in America, especially if BO is
re-elected. Our future could be headed toward a depression, as
he wants to continue taxing us + increasing our debt. Further-
more our military will become so weak, our country would be
a sitting duck, as Russia or China could attack us or a nuclear
Iran would target us. You will call us crazy, but what if we are

On We're Better Off

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