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Posted on July 16 at 3:47 p.m.

This is really an unfortunate review for such a good show. It's obvious the reviewer saw the play, as the kinks were still being worked out, as the performance I saw on Friday night was excellent. Yes, Leslie Story and Linda MacNeal "killed it" as the reviewer states, and Christopher Short did a great job as Teddy. But the reviewer failed to mention the other fantastic performances in this piece. That's very unfortunate, as it was some of the best acting I've seen in Santa Barbara.

And though it may seem trivial to some, the play was first performed over 70 years ago, not 50. A fairly significant distinction that should not go overlooked. But it was, and this oversight is indicative of the review in general.

A slapdash, shoddy review that seems as though it was thrown together at the last minute. What? Are the more knowledgeable theatre reviewers away on summer vacation? I expect, and this play deserves, better from the SB Independent.

On Review: <em>Arsenic and Old Lace</em> at SBCC’s Garvin Theatre

Posted on June 29 at 12:06 a.m.

As a renter, I have to water the property. It is solely my responsibility to pay for all the water. I am not allowed to plant what I would like to because the owner is particular-so I have little say-so in the landscape here. I think it is UNfair for me to be penalized for watering too much when I am doing what has been asked of me by the owner of the house. I am sure that most renters are in the same boat. Why can't the city get on the case of the property owners? Make them pay for their water bills and landscape their property? I see no reason why I should be penalized for someone elses' landscaping choices. Aren't most people in downtown Santa Barbara renters like me? Not fair..... City council--and water district-help us!!!!

On City Customers Not Saving Water During Drought

Posted on May 13 at 3:53 p.m.

Anything could have happened...passing out on the beach...or a myriad of other situations. Frankly, loonpt, you sound exTREMELY unsympathetic to the situation in IV with regards to rape cases. I can't imagine, why. Yes, many of us successfully navigated the waters of IV parties many years ago-but that fact has no bearing on a town that ranks at the top of the national list of dangerous campus'. Rape, is a violent act, that shows up in societies that are out of control. Humans who are violent usually harbor feelings of helplessness/loss of power/rage. Violence against women is a serious threat-all too familiar around the globe. Let's treat this topic with the levity it deserves and not make it "lite" so that you feel better about crime in America. Just my ill will intended.

On Details Released in UCSB Student's Death

Posted on May 30 at 5:42 p.m.

Very sorry to hear of this person's demise. I wish that the city would do something about the drug dealers in this neighborhood. They found an overdosed, passed out guy, wrapped in a blanket (looked like he had passed away, but had not) in the front seat of a car, with all his paraphernalia, parked right in front of our house many years ago. Another time, a man was walking right through our garden, trying to find the home of their dealer. Another time, two scary guys were passing brown bags and cash to each other right in plain view on the street. It is not just a little ridiculous, it's a lot. Either legalize the narcotics or patrol and control them. We've been suffering in this neighborhood for way too many years. It's darn scary to see these characters walkin' down the street, counting their cash and meeting their customers in plain view.

On Man Found Dead in Oak Park Bathroom

Posted on May 10 at 7:37 p.m.

I agree...the last thing I am looking forward to, is another Cruise Ship in this harbor. They scare me. Where is all the refuse and bathroom pollution going? Do we get paid to take their trash? Is the bathroom debris going into our pristine fishing/swimming waters? I heard that they wait until they are just off the coast...not pleasant. Where are the fishermen in this hideous situation...are they worried about their industry? Aren't we worried about our waters? What happened to our so called Green Movement? Ahhhhh!!!

On Santa Barbara's Billion-Dollar Tourism Industry

Posted on October 31 at 12:59 p.m.

Fantastic memories from the those days...played there a bit with my old band....loved everything about the Bluebird Cafe. The question is, who ended up with the sign?

On Peter Feldmann Celebrates Five Decades of Music

Posted on October 21 at 12:43 a.m.

It's no surprise that the safety of another nuclear power plant has been over-stated. The Mark I, boiling water reactor has design flaws that make it dangerous on many levelsl. Not only have we learned a lot from the many melt-downs of nuclear reactors in Fukushima during the Tsunami, but we also have learned more than we thought previously about all the other power plants in Japan that went off-line during their emergency. We barely averted the loss of a country-it is astounding how many reactors were threatened all at once. Read Arnie Gundersen's work to learn the ugly details. He should know and he now he does. Thank goodness for his due diligence.

On Feds Say Diablo Canyon Earthquake Safe

Posted on August 24 at 9:31 p.m.

I totally agree with JR (if he's being serious-hard to tell these days). Why test? Shut the stupid thing down. Even if we don't have an earthquake, the BWR Mark I has serious design flaws and is constantly being vented. In other words, unbeknownst to the public, we are being doused in radioactive isotopes when pressure dictates the need for venting. The design is faulty, the thinking is faulty, there is no design protocol in the US and no effective emergency plan in place. There is a tremendous amount of waste of precious fresh water to constantly cool these reactors-this is part of the design. There is no private insurance policy allowed on reactors, instead there is a law which mandates that we the people are responsible for any accidents the companies suffer-yet our health insurance doesn't cover nuclear accidents and/or nuclear war. All Uranium becomes Plutonium after the nuclear reaction and then it is EXtremely deadly and abundant-yet impossible to contain. We don't need any more nuclear weapons-which are produced from the bi-product of the power plants. It is an unmitigated disaster AND by the way NO ONE can ever predict seismic activity no matter what.

On Plan Approved to Find Faults Near Diablo Canyon

Posted on June 30 at 12:16 p.m.

Here's a thought. Pini works to improve property and get on the backs of his messy tenants-either evicts them, or cleans up after them. The tenants are told to be quiet or get evicted and they can party themselves blue in the face-downtown at the bars, or at another home. When the tenants grow up and buy their own homes (or not) they can resume their own lifestyles. You have to conform to the landlord's wishes-that is the downside of renting. Obviously, this man is not being an active landlord. He could give up that business-after all, there are already enough bad landlords in SB to go around. This is a class issue, obviously, but can be dealt with. Guess that's a duh, though.

On Toga Party for Dario Pini?

Posted on June 21 at 9:44 p.m.

A yucky, obscene display of wealth in a time of great suffering. Where do they put all their waste-dare we ask?

On Residential Ocean Liner Stops in Santa Barbara

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