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Posted on September 1 at 10:03 p.m.

Well, that was a useful thread of shooting the messengers, instead of listening to what the kids have to say. We have messed up the planet, and they are going to have to live with it and clean it up, once we are buried and gone. It does not matter whether they have worked or not - they have to deal with the consequences, and not only should they be heard, they have a right to be heard.

Instead of addressing that we get nonsense.

Btw, there are lots of jobs in the renewable energy fields. Lots. In the USA that is the accepted norm - some industries go down, and others go up. Some people are laid off, others are hired. Computers weren't always around, but now they are. Many people moved from other jobs into IT. Life changes, evolves. But we should always leave the planet in a better place than we found it, and we have failed miserably at that.

Thanks for your input, students. It takes an open mind to appreciate input from all. Something the trolls lack.

On Students for Measure P

Posted on August 31 at 4:12 p.m.

nativegeo - this the problem with you and all other right-wingers. If it comes from the left, it must be wrong. If it comes from the right, it must be right. Regardless of the facts.

No funding in the world from either the left or the right can create real facts.

.............. The facts are - oil companies no longer have the low-hanging fruit of oil available to them. They have to use more complicated methods. These complicated methods cost money and are hurting their profits.

Good grief - your critical thinking is once again batting zero. That is ALL the article was saying. And the gist of that article was derived from balance sheet facts and data.

.............. The facts are - oil companies no longer have the low-hanging fruit of oil available to them. They have to use more complicated methods. These complicated methods cost money and are hurting their profits.

But you obfuscate, shoot the messenger, shoot the messenger of the messenger, and ignore what the article is about. The dumbing down of the USA.

On Measure P Is for Air Pollution

Posted on August 31 at 3 p.m.

"Same hollow talking points DavyBrown"

All the pro-oil seem to come up with is name-calling as in a kindergarten playground.

On Measure P Is for Air Pollution

Posted on August 31 at 2:57 p.m.

nuffalready - your response is what is embarrassing; it was a non-answer to anything in my post - and what you apparently missed was information marked as quoted from an article that included facts and data. Your answer was facts-devoid and data-deficient. Please do not clutter up the discussion with ad hominems that contribute nothing but take up space. Address the points of the QUOTED article.

On Measure P Is for Air Pollution

Posted on August 31 at 2:17 p.m.

Well, I think the world should wake up to the following: SOARING OIL DEBT

We truly have our heads in the sand, with the pro-oil drowning out reasonable, sensible voices with nonsense.

[quote]Last July the government agency, which has collected mundane statistics on energy matters for decades, quietly revealed that 127 of the world's largest oil and gas companies are running out of cash.

They are now spending more than they are earning. Profits have lagged as expenditures have risen. Overburdened by debt, these firms are selling assets.

The math is simple. The 127 firms generated $568 billion in cash from their operations during 2013-2014 while their expenses totalled $677 billion. To cover the difference of $110 billion, the energy giants increased their debt load or sold off assets.

Given that the gap between earned cash and spending stood at a modest $10 billion in 2010, that's a significant change for the industry as well as the global economy it fuels.

Most companies are now investing in high-cost and high-risk projects to mine difficult hydrocarbons such as bitumen or shale oil, according to Carbon Tracker. Hydraulic fracturing, the land equivalent of ocean bottom trawling, adds to the cost of oil, too.

It's not only the firms deploying fracking that are racking up high debt loads. Chinese state-owned corporations, for example, plopped down $30 billion to develop junk crude in the oilsands over the last decade.

But with a few exceptions, none of the investments are making a good dollar return due to the difficult and costly nature of mining messy bitumen as well as problematic quality of the reserves, combined with huge cost overruns.
[end quote]

Maybe huge costs of trying to do the impossible will do the oil companies in without any Measures.

Solar is free; solar is there everyday. Solar feeds us - via photosynthesis, eaten by animals, to provide food from vegetables to meat. Solar + clean water = food for the planet. Solar also = energy.

We are struggling to go to the depths of the earth, retrieve oil from every nook and cranny, when the sun shines FREELY down at us every day, laughing at our utterly depraved, head-in-the-shale stupidity. Yep, that applies to the pro-oil trolls. And the unending letters.

On Measure P Is for Air Pollution

Posted on August 30 at 11:17 a.m.

Responsible stewards for the last 100 years? Why was GOO formed? They have certainly helped, along with other bodies, in ensuring better responsibility.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on August 30 at 11:12 a.m.

nativegeo - again, again, and again. Those lost 4,000 jobs had nothing to do with Measure P, and yet you continue to post it on Measure P threads.

1000 - were agricultural jobs lost at the end of the growing season, and will be there again next year.

2800 - came from government, no doubt thanks to sequestration.

Btw, the US economy grew at 4.2% in the last quarter. Also, Santa Barbara county has one of the lowest unemployment rates in CA.

If you want to argue against Measure P, please use valid arguments, otherwise readers will just skip your comments.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on August 30 at 5:30 a.m.

This is THE major economic, job-affecting, food-supply-affecting problem in California right now.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on August 30 at 4:58 a.m.

Credibility would be enhanced if, instead of railing against Measure P, the concerns that caused Measure P to be written in the first place, would be addressed. If oil companies would indicate how they would be responsible stewards of water in a drought-inflicted state, then the proponents of Measure P would have no issue. Measure P exists because of past egregious and irresponsible behavior by oil companies.

On Unintended Consequences

Posted on August 29 at 1:48 p.m.

Good letter. Thankfully, Goleta has just received funding toward more Pedestrian and Cyclist safety.

I take my hat off to all those who cycle, walk, or exercise in any way, such as surfing etc. They reduce healthcare costs, and the overuse of medical facilities. They are probably more efficient at work and take few sick days.

I do not understand the small-mindedness of those who support cars only. Cars contribute to obesity. Every country that I have visited, allows cycling. A small number of the US population have small planes, but there are no plans to limit their ability to use them, despite the fact that they have more accidents than larger planes.

On The Bicycle Alternative

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