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Posted on February 16 at 12:05 p.m.

Margie, you will be missed. So sad that someone with such a big heart has left so soon. You came to my house and spent time with my cat, getting to know her before helping her pass into the next life. The big smile of peace found at last on her face at the end was priceless. You offered a unique and caring aspect to veterinarian care. Your passing leaves a gaping hole in animal care services in Santa Barbara and Goleta. My condolences to your family who will undoubtedly miss you even more than your animal-loving community.

On Obituary for Margie Mason, D.V.M.

Posted on January 18 at 10:55 p.m.

SHOCKED AND SADDENED to see you go Mr. Gehl. To everybody else commenting here, get a life. WILL MISS KEYT as my local news. Obviously life is changing here in SB/Goleta. Not for the better either.

On Joe Gehl Leaving KEYT

Posted on March 7 at 11:32 a.m.

Unbelievable. Thank you Shelly. Would sign petition if available. Will be watching to see what can be done to mitigate this.

On Ag Land Rezoning Resistance

Posted on August 14 at 11:19 p.m.

These negative comments are posted by the same people over on the noozhawk site. A noisy few. Say it often enough and someone might believe it I guess. No one wants free health care and no one chanted free health care. We chanted Health Care Now. Why were these people allowed to shout on a megaphone from atop a pickup truck on a city street in the middle of the afternoon? That's not first amendment - that is DISTURBING THE PEACE.

Next would someone from that side please explain where you see no health care reform spelled out in the Constitution? It says to "provide for the GENERAL WELFARE" If you don't have access to health care you do not have your general anything.

Did you see where someone set up shop at the Staples Center in LA for a week to provide health care to poor people? Report that!!! There were people crying who can't afford a doctor!!!

On Shout Fest Over Health Care

Posted on July 10 at 9:48 p.m.

It would seem that some mental health impacts are pretty obvious. Like the mental health impact on a 9-yr-old of having her grandfather's baby. Do you seriously think the child would have a normal life after that? either child - the one birthing or the one being birthed. Get real. Get a heart, and a life!

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Posted on May 11 at 8:27 a.m.

Wonder what her work looks like!

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Posted on January 21 at 5:48 p.m.

Talk about alternative energy!

On A Honey of a Day at Parma Park

Posted on December 26 at 2:56 p.m.

Every time I see these new hotels mentioned I think it must be a mistake. Why build two brand new hotels within a block from each other? What the f****?????

And this suit hopes to block a third hotel about a mile from those two. Can we have a sanity check here? Ed?

On None

Posted on November 14 at 2:57 p.m.

Lisaw, yes - I didn't get that from your post. Good idea.

Stinky: Now is the time for the observation. Once over, out of sight, out of mind.

On Houses Gone Along Coyote Road, Mountain Drive

Posted on September 6 at 3:31 p.m.

The Storke overpass is a pedestrian nightmare. As is the Los Carneros overpass and onramps, the Winchester Canyon overpass, and the Fairview overpass. Thanks to our development crazy Goleta City Council for putting their energies on helping to fix these things!!!! (Instead, we have more hotels and houses to feed more cars to these intersections.) Come November, who will we vote for? Onnen and Blois? Heck no!

On Body Identified as Missing Goleta Girl

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