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Posted on September 28 at 7:19 p.m.

You are also paying for:
- Illegal immigrants and their kids - by the tens of thousands in SB alone - to be educated and fed at school for free.
- Able bodied adults to be on Section 8, have babies to boost their welfare and foodstamp alottment and generally behave as entitled leaches.
- Politicians and bureaucrats to expand ineffectual programs and grow layers of unneeded management, especially in our public school and public works departments.

On Problem Cop

Posted on September 28 at 7:15 p.m.

You can thank the wacky quack "affordable housing" and "anti-car" crowd for successfully selling city planners on approval of "high density" development.

They believe (idiotically) that if they build high-density with fewer parking spaces (to pay for the cost to developers of affordable units) then people will magically walk or ride their bikes!

What a joke.

Instead, people drive just as much, clogging State St. and park their cars all over the neighborhood.

Remember SB: keep voting and supporting these and other AWESOME and common sense ideas.

On Density on Upper State Will Increase

Posted on September 28 at 8:49 a.m.


You make my point perfectly. Not since humans have been keeping record of ocean temps. But the earth has been going through thousands of huge swings in temperature for millions of years.

The amount of sulphur dioxide (which transmutes to carbon dioxide) emitted yearly from undersea vcanix activity is measured at more than 2000x the total carbon dioxide released by humans each year. Our contribution is minuscule.

The only reason lib-dems and greens hold onto this climate change stuff is to support a reason for us to rearrange our economy's around a socialist model of big government control and more central planning and spending.

I am 100% for renewable energy and being good stewards of the earth but not at the expense of personal liberty, capitalism and private propert rights - or American exceptionalism..... A term most lib-dems do not study or understand.


On Climate Change in the Air

Posted on September 26 at 8:45 p.m.

ANSWER: to protect the tens of millions they have risked in order to provide a scare resource (oil) at a fair market rate (what people are willing to pay) so you and your wacko green friends can use it to drive, make products like computers to type a letter on a computer or be taken care of in a hospital with plastic medical instruments and devices.

They are protecting their chance to recover their investment and make a profit. It's called capitalism, free speech, protecting private property rights and other super trivial dumb stuff like that.

Please stop trying to destroy civilization.

On Polluted Politics

Posted on September 26 at 8:39 p.m.

The people who want rent control are a perfect mix of low information voters with a lib-dem political alignment.... Or also known as 75% of Santa Barbara city voters.

For this crowd it's about what feels or sounds good to them, not what actually works or helps.

On Rent Control Is Not the Answer

Posted on September 26 at 8:32 p.m.

Except there has been no measurable warming in the past 16 years.
Greens are the new red.

It's all about expanding government and more control over your life.

Who cares if we ruin our economy and shove more poor people back down the ladder of progress - not the limousine libs.

On Climate Change in the Air

Posted on September 25 at 9:05 a.m.

Whoops - wrong title for your article Lyz since:

1. there is no more global warming as of the past 16 years.
2. your brethren on the lib-dem left need you to stick to party line and call it "climate change" so that if it gets hot or cold they can
3. destroy our way of life

On Global Warming Soaks Up Attention

Posted on September 25 at 8:59 a.m.

What? Is this a joke?

I have never heard of a landlord forcing a prospective tenant to become a renter at their property.

Willing buyers (tenants) freely sign agreements with willing sellers (landlords) to rent space.

No one is being forced against their will to pay high rents in America. If you can't pay the rent, move somewhere else or work on becoming more marketable so that you can earn more.


BTW: Groceries were deemed too expensive in Venezuela so Chavez nationalized supply chains for food staples and guess what - you can't even find the basics like milk, eggs and bread anymore! Poor people have to pay 200% of what they used to on the black market or go with out.

Let's do that here in America - it clearly works and makes perfect sense.
Down with the man! March on City Hall to force market distortions that destroy our way of life!

"What do we want?"
"More government control of our lives!"
"When do we want it?"

On Reward Affordable Housing

Posted on September 25 at 8:53 a.m.

It make your stomach turn to see people actively working to destroy the greatest system of government ever built: capitalist democracy under the U.S. constitution.

These same type of people used the same/similar slogans and approach in Venzuela (recent example) and look at the destruction and misery that has created!!

Capitalist democracies are the least-worst system but idealists like these can and do vote - for populist ideas that result (over and over and over again) in horrific dictatorships, cult of personality leaders, ruined economies and total annihilation of upward mobility.

We all end up equally poor, miserable and in the dirt.

On Climate Change Protests

Posted on September 23 at 8:08 p.m.

What is Seth right about?

That high intensity oil drilling hurts the environment? Wrong.

That pumping a mixture of 99% unusable-eleswhere water with less than 1% household chemicals into a well that is thousands upon thousands of feet below the water table is dangerous? Wrong.

That fracking is happening today in SB County? Wrong.

That fracking has done anything to hurt anyone, anywhere? Wrong.

That oil companies DON'T hire people at above average wages and employ thousands in SB county? Wrong.

That the purpose of Measure P is part of a well organized state-wide and nationwide plan by extreme leftist/greens to raise the price of oil so that currently expensive and unaffordable green tech can be forced down the consumers throat - even if it means raising the cost of energy on the working poor and middle class families? CORRECT

On P Is for Promotion

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