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Posted on July 28 at 12:59 p.m.

"Oh, and the heads of Hamas who love like rock stars in quatar off of UN and US funds." -Kevinsb

Dear Kevinsb,

I'd like to sincerely thank you for making this statement, it is going to save me A LOT of time and comment space since I already know that you hold this understanding so I don't have to go too in depth. This statement you made alone helps back up all of my arguments that I made in the comment section of a previous piece entitled, "Jews Against the War" which can be found here:

Hopefully the others who I had argued with in that column are now seeing more validity in the comments I made on that piece, and I invite you to go read through those comments to get a better perspective on my views. I'm certainly not an anti-Semite, or a Palestinian terrorist.

In short, what I believe is that the CIA and Mossad (who do not represent the best interests of the citizens of the US or Israeli citizens, but big business/military industrial complex interests) actively promote Muslim extremism in places where western backed corporations would like to have more authority. Promoting Muslim extremism causes them to retaliate violently and then the establishment is able to use this as a justification to kill them and promote new leadership within the country. I believe the CIA and Mossad helped the Muslim extremists on 9/11 so that our country could become engaged in a never ending "war on terror" which would actually be used to leverage more authority in the region, acquire more resources and increase profits for the military industrial complex.

I believe that Hamas is promoted by western interests for the specific purpose of giving the IDF an excuse to cause severe casualties in Palestine which in itself helps promote Muslim extremism all over the Middle East. That is why I said that violence is not the best solution for the Palestinians because it will simply be met by even heavier violence. Of course, this begs the question, doesn't Palestine recognize this pattern yet? What benefit is Hamas to the Palestinians when they don't do anything to protect Palestine, they rarely ever kill any Israelis and their actions are met with extreme carnage hundreds if not thousands of times more deadly? This is why I believe Hamas is in fact promoted, funded and controlled in part through western interests as you just stated and knowing why this is occurring is even more important.

On A Look at Hamas

Posted on July 28 at 12:15 p.m.

Very sad..

I would not necessarily fire the employee or even pressure the animal shelter to do so, that should be up to their employer. There is no guarantee a replacement will perform any better and the best person to make that determination is the employer.

On Dog Mauled to Death at County Shelter

Posted on July 28 at 12:11 p.m.

The fact is the US caused the airliner to go down one way or another.

If your neighborhood looked like this, you might shoot at airplanes flying over you as well:

We supported the government that bombed them for trying to become independent of NATO/EU.

But the fact is there is no evidence they shot them down, but even if they did the chance that the plane was guided over the area so that it would be shot down or that it was a false flag type of operation is much greater. Shooting down that plane did nothing for Russia but it gives the US free reign to possibly attack territories that are friendly to Russia.

On Germany Awake, America Asleep?

Posted on July 28 at 11:24 a.m.

The author has it backwards, Palestine has a right to self defense and Israel does not. Palestine is a militarily occupied concentration camp being run by the Israeli Zionists.. getting past the irony that Jews being held in concentration camps was the excuse to allow them to live there after which they stole Palestinian land and resources, I would fully expect the residents of Palestine to be angry about the situation Israel has placed them in and do whatever they could to get out of it. I don't think violence is the best solution, but I can't really condemn the violence either because they are living in a concentration camp. If the Jews were launching rockets from their concentration camps in Germany, I wouldn't have condemned them either, being that living in that type of situation fosters a lot of desperation which very few if anybody here could actually understand.

"Second, as Americans, we must recall that after the Twin Towers fell on September 11, 2001, Hamas brigades were dancing in the street."

Obviously the writer has never heard of the dancing Israeli Zionists who setup to film the 9/11 attack and celebrated afterward and were arrested by police. They were so ecstatic that America was finally targeted by terrorists so that we could join them in the war against the Muslim world.

On A Look at Hamas

Posted on July 28 at 11:07 a.m.

lol, extorting bicyclists who go through stop signs is going to solve the new current problems of IV??! You've gotta be kidding me...bikes have always gone through stop signs there and these problems are new, let's think of something else..

IV has been over-run by police lately and the affected residents are getting sick of it.

If you want to solve the current problems in IV, how about working towards restoring trust between law enforcement and citizens instead of doing the opposite and causing more strife by ticketing bicyclists when they haven't done any harm to anyone?

Police openly carry weapons and guns while being given the task of enforcing laws that 98% of the population of IV all break on a weekly and almost daily basis (bike/stop sign laws, underage drinking/serving alcohol, noise ordinance (playing music after midnight in your own house with a few friends over)).

That means 98% of the residents are in a constant state of fear from these armed costumed revenue farmers known by most IV residents as "F the police". IV needs less laws so that they can focus on important laws like damaging property and assault.

Police are only needed in the most extreme situations, they don't need to be roaming around IV by the dozens harrassing people who aren't harming anybody else. You could have CSO officers roaming around, as long as the students respect them and they aren't harassing the students they can be very helpful in helping females get home safely if they lose their friends or are too drunk as well as watching out for the general welfare of the students. If they need backup for something more serious they can get in touch with law enforcement.

On Isla Vista's Singularity

Posted on July 25 at 1:37 p.m.

"Put her in charge of weekend crowd control in IV"

She'd probably just go around handing out birth control, maybe do a few aborshes pro bono.

On UCSB Professor Pleads No Contest in Theft, Battery Case

Posted on July 25 at 1:08 p.m.

"It would be ironic if talk of self determination actually led to the disappearance of IV as we know it."

Thanks for the info, but it wouldn't be the talk of self determination that is leading to this, it would be the tyrannical laws against students and the police causing riots that is leading to this. There was no reason why a riot needed to happen during Deltopia, it was all manufactured. In fact, they could be trying to manufacture these type of incidents on purpose just so they can re-hash these plans you are talking about to buy everything up.

But even if they did do that, UCSB would still be a party school. As I said, we had several keg parties in the dorms on campus at UCSB. The RAs actually gave us instruction on when we could have them, based on several RAs being gone on a certain weekend or whatever. I remember at the end of the year, we bought our RA a hookah with a style of glass bowl on top that was meant for cannabis. They told everybody they were going to buy him a Playstation, so everybody chipped in $5 and they got him a hookah for smoking herb. Just because it is a campus dorm doesn't mean they have complete control over everything. In fact, as they increase the number of students living in dorms they will have less control over them.

All they would do is destroy the character that IV has currently.. And if they threatened to tear down Del Playa and install classrooms or administrative buildings, you can bet there will be a riot and protests like no other. In fact, I'll bet you would get UCSB alumni going back decades who would come to protest something like that.

On How Do You Solve a Problem Like Isla Vista?

Posted on July 25 at 12:51 p.m.

Wow, I had no idea Benjamin Franklin was a tea party based conspiracy theory. You guys are really smart.

On Attorney Darryl Genis Again Accused of Misconduct

Posted on July 25 at 12:48 p.m.

Wow, so it won't even be able to produce the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity required to power a flux capacitor?

On County Moves Forward with First Big Solar Project

Posted on July 25 at 12:24 p.m.

Why should a bike stop at a crosswalk if the person crossing isn't directly or about to be directly in front of them?

I understand cars are wide, have blind spots and can kill people, so it's probably best to wait until the crosswalk is totally clear, at least on the half of the crosswalk that the driver is on... but bikes don't have blindspots and can better integrate with pedestrians. As soon as it is clear for the bike to go, they should be able to go through.

On Which street-crossing no-no do you most often see?

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