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Posted on August 26 at 10:32 a.m.

Jarvis what you don't realize is that the policies you (seem) to advocate of increasing rules and law enforcement to prevent some unforeseen event from happening and doing so on a daily basis each weekend are much more expensive than if you would just leave IV alone and let them handle it themselves. If something happens, the community will respond and they will figure out ways to fix their own problems. Give them their fair share of cops based on per capita or property value and let the University fill in with UCPD and CSO officers as needed.

The first year when floatopia happened, the community was not expecting so many people - even then, they got together and cleaned things up - all the needed was a couple extra dumpsters and they could have placed all of the trash there themselves, instead they brought the trash up and put it next to the full dumpsters. The next year they were planning an entire event with hundreds or possibly thousands of volunteers that was based entirely around cleaning up after floatopia - that was before it was "cancelled" by illegally shutting down the public beaches.

One police officer salary for one weekend could get them a few extra dumpsters, so don't try and tell me that having dozens of officers and riot gear is some how a better option than a few extra dumpsters..

There doesn't need to be liability for anything, in all of the years I partied on del playa and we had music and keg parties, even massive Halloween parties there was never a need for a lawsuit. Let people be responsible for their own actions.

On Getting Back to Basics

Posted on August 26 at 10:30 a.m.

"This article presents a side of Islam that is much more common in the world than many in America realize."

Wow, I almost fell out of my chair, I had no idea Herschel was writing this, I almost never agree with them but do here..

Also, to realitycheck88, I would argue as many Muslims do that the reason why many attribute war to Islamic teachings is because in most of the stories they are actually fending off attackers. Arabs had to deal with Mongolians and other Asians to the east and Europe from the west. No doubt many others - they just are in a strategically difficult place and it is not surprising their religion reflects that.

I would blame most of the Islamic extremism of today on the west who continues to take over and control their political systems, occupy their countries militarily, arm their neighbors and threaten them for our economic interests. Not to mention, intelligence agencies infiltrate and help fund many of these extremist groups to get them to attack which increases the military budget and gives our country an excuse to attack back on our own terms and help instate the leaders we want.

On Despite Persecution, Ahmadi Muslims Engage in Prayer

Posted on August 26 at 10:08 a.m.

Cannabis is excellent for depression. SSRIs can do permanent damage and a lot of people have very bad reactions to them. They calcify the pineal gland as well, that is our 'spiritual' gland or gateway.

On Depression, Addiction & Me

Posted on August 26 at 9:47 a.m.

"Paul's ideas are a no sale"

So why is he polling better against Hitlery Clinton than all other GOP nominees? What is wrong with a more humble foreign policy and restoring civil liberties? Those are very popular ideas!!

"with his Jerry Curl hairdo and his crazy Marshall Applewhite eyes, he looks like the cult leader that he really is."

Total crap.

Presidential material:

And if you go to the Democratic Underground discussion forum, there are more threads about Rand Paul on the front page than there are threads about Rand Paul at the official Rand Paul Forums..

If he isn't a real threat, then what's up with that?

On Right Racist

Posted on August 26 at 9:38 a.m.

"his bull crap, aqua Buddha shtick."

Hey Hershel, would you mind being a little more specific? I would like to engage you in debate on whether the GOP would nominate a real conservative who is polling better than all other GOP nominees against Hitlery Clinton, is anti-war, isn't your typical stale Republican and also appeals to youth by wanting to end the war on drugs, stop anti-privacy measures and restore civil liberties, but your statement is so incredibly uninformational that I am having a difficult time addressing anything specifically.


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Posted on August 25 at 5:46 p.m.

When I lived in IV, people trusted each other - we had open parties, people looked out for each other and everything ended up OK - the only time I knew about somebody being robbed was over a holiday break when nobody was home.

Since I moved from IV, they have been cracking down hard, starting with open parties that serve alcohol and now they are even sending in undercover police to try to see if they can sneak in to private parties!!

Guess what? Things have only gotten worse during this time, the crack-down is not working and it will only make things worse. I blame deltopia on the crackdown and on the heavy police presence. If they had allowed music and open parties, everybody would have been too busy having a good time to riot - plus I believe the police provoked the riot on purpose.

If you want to teach people these values Cat talks about, first you have to LET THEM GO - allow them to be free to learn life's lessons. So many of the bad things that have been happening in IV can be attributed to heavier police presence and taking away that trust between everybody in IV. Now if you have a party in IV, you can't trust anybody there, BECAUSE THEY MIGHT BE A COP!! Once the trust is gone, you don't have the community looking out for each other the way they used to.

Cat is completely misguided, freedom is always the answer, the tyranny in IV was there when I was there because even then the cops were heavy handed on things from underage drinking to cannabis and peeing in public, and they ratcheted up the tyranny since I left and things have only gotten worse. It's time to turn the tide, free IV!!

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Posted on August 25 at 5:35 p.m.

I heard that a party in IV got broken up on Saturday night and these were the circumstances:

1) Housemates had friends over, they knew everybody who was at the party.

2) Before midnight noise ordinance


4) Front Gate was left open by a guest attending the party

The cops used the excuse that the front gate was open, even though the front door was locked they considered it an "open party" and shut it down.

I don't agree that they should shut down open parties, it should be those who live there deciding whether they want to have an open party or not - but this is really going way beyond intrusive. All they are doing is harassing community members. Plus, it seems a cop themselves could open up a gate and just say it was open and go into anybody's house they want.

On Getting Back to Basics

Posted on August 25 at 5:22 p.m.

Right, so to get 21 high profile targets, we had to kill 155 children, 267 civilian (women and elderly males) and 808 "Other" (males age 15-65) who could all very well be innocent civilians as well.

Not to mention the covert activities which rarely get any press - our country trained the ISIS and armed them back in 2012, and now they are slaughtering people over there like crazy.

On Right Racist

Posted on August 25 at 4:56 p.m.

Davy if there have been less deaths under Obama it has been incidental, the drone strike program killed thousands and thousands of innocent people. Here is a graphic that illustrates, just through 2010:

If you take that out further the numbers go quite a bit higher.

Obama and Bush pretty much put forward the same policies, they just act differently in front of the camera.

On Right Racist

Posted on August 25 at 4:50 p.m.

Yes, I knew back then that Gore/Kerry are tools just like Obama and wouldn't have made much difference. The wars would have been presented differently, but ultimately things would have turned out about the same.

Can't blame me for Bush winning, I voted for Nader in '00 and '04.

On Right Racist

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