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Posted on October 8 at 6:05 p.m.

Never going to get off the oil teat until we say no, bite the bullet and get on with the pain. Think about the wars these guys get us into and think about this; No on Measure P is a battle of the baby oil companies that get their marching orders from the majors, and their money too and think about this, none of this oil is going into your tank, it will be going the the highest bidder, so with all the scaremongering by the "experts" who just happened to be paid lobbyists... just say yes on P and enough to that filthy crude that is keeping us from cleaning up the world!

On Dodging Measure P Oil Slicks

Posted on October 7 at 2:26 p.m.

We will never get off of fossil fuels until we stop using them. This may seem desperate but doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity and that is according to one very bright person.

On The Misguided Measure P

Posted on October 4 at 1:57 p.m.

This is what happens in Mexico, Russia, Italy and a lot of other places and it is coming here because not only have drugs been imported but criminal syndicates have been also. The only thing that stops this kind of stuff is instant return, as in take them out on the street.

On Four Arrested in Mexican Mafia Extortion Plot

Posted on October 4 at 11:03 a.m.

The logic behind fracking, believing oil con-panies that are transnational and drilling locally does anything for our economy is like cooking and eating your nose because you are hungry. But some moronic, ill informed, brainwashed or simply paid liars who post here would do just that and get this "Why are the chemicals secret in Fracking?" Because they are dumping waste into those wells that is too expensive to store or incinerate. But like PT Barnum said. "There is a sucker born every minute" or a fool is a fool is a fool...

On S.B.'s Heavy Crude No Boon

Posted on September 28 at 1:21 p.m.

The Cheney Loophole allows the oil companies to dump waste into the drinking water and of course it is secret. Can't believe people would be that gullible to believe one word that comes out of an oil man's mouth, especially since they came up with that oil/national/security at all costs with no consequences. They have been lying to the public for so long, failed to embrace new technology, got us into a ton of wars and morons still support them. Just take a map and put oil company names where you see countries and that is a more accurate picture of the world, and people like Cheney? Well? You be the judge...

On The Petroleum Economy

Posted on July 20 at 2:54 a.m.

The whole place is sitting on shale, I would not be dynamiting the ground underneath my feet.

Besides the reason this is even legal is because of the Cheney Loophole which allows the chemical companies to dump their waste for free.

Why are the chemicals used secret? Because they are dumping stuff that costs a fortune to incinerate.

Stupid humans, they deserve what they get...

On Who Gives a Frack?

Posted on July 20 at 2:49 a.m.

This may be a little hard to see at first but these are two maps, one from the USGS that shows increases the increase in earthquake activity and the other is the psychic Edgar Cayce's map after the western US falls in into the pacific!

google "edgar cayce maps"

They are exactly the same!

This is what is going to happen as a result of Fracking.

Edgar Cayce said there will be an event that everyone knows about at the same time, shortly after Northern Europe goes in the blink of an eye, then the whole western US drops beneath the waves. Guess where they are Fracking? Northern Europe and the West!

I do not think Edgar Cayce was ever proven wrong about anything.


On Who Gives a Frack?

Posted on July 10 at 3:13 a.m.

Oh excuse me I thought the article said E Gerald Haws, I apologize.

On Jeremy Hass Dies

Posted on July 10 at 3:11 a.m.

Of all the lawyers I have worked with in my entire life, from DC to LA, San Francisco, Orange County (I am talking heavy weights), Jerry Hass was by far and away the most honest, straight, smart, caring, clever, a negotiator without equal, your bill was always a deal, a lawyer's lawyer, and he always told you the truth.

Over the years when I would engage a lawyer, I always compared them to Jerry, and they never matched him… ever. When he walked into the room he had an air about him that conveyed confidence and reasonableness and whenever he opened his mouth he spoke with such conviction that everyone knew he always said the right thing, what should be done.

He was fair!

This is an end of an era, Jerry was one of a kind, integrity like no other. I am saddened by the news and I send my sincerest condolences to his family and partners.

Rest in peace.

On Jeremy Hass Dies

Posted on July 5 at 1 a.m.

Hobby Lobby gave all their employees access to birth control (I think 70 options) but on 4 that they deemed late term they denied because of their faith…

Now let that sink in.

What have you heard in the news?

Exactly, wedge issue, dog whistle response elicited.

The truth is too many people, men and women, are so irresponsible about protecting the the rights of the unborn (you should see a saline abortion, the fetus literally swims out of the embryo) that THEY THINK ABORTION IS A METHOD OF BIRTH CONTROL! NEWSFLASH LADIES (the selfish ones) IT IS NOT, IT IS MURDER!

The girls that use abortion as a method of birth control are toads and need to be called out, be responsible for the Lord's sake.

On Was the Supremes' Hobby Lobby ruling right or wrong? Discuss.

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