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Posted on October 22 at 5:16 p.m.

All it's going to take is another big fire. Oops, maybe not, idiots learn by example but sometimes the examples don't sink in.

On Rattlesnake Canyon Campfire Found

Posted on October 22 at 5:15 p.m.

Man, you guys got a lot of time on your hands! I quote a guy and the conspiracy theories come out!

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 22 at 3:58 p.m.

Did any of those voters provide appropriate identification?

On 194,819 People are Registered to Vote

Posted on October 20 at 12:37 p.m.

Nockamixon, Hank made comments as to that and they agree with your comments. However, what he's noticed is the infrastructure of the town is what is attempting to keep up with the increased population.
he also points out that the population increase is due to SBCC students living in Isla Vista.
Buildings such as the Loop and the Icon as well as the building on Pardall are an attempt to create more housing.
Then there's the new dorms on El Colegio, they absorbed a lot.
But the town is getting more compacted. You also have UCSB's bold faced lie about the housing on Storke that got torched: This is "faculty" housing!" The it becomes learned that it's actually student houising.
A lot of the SBCC students are living at the Tropicana and such, but many get kicked out for violations of the residency codes.
These are the ones that wind up in Isla Vista tasking up normal residences in houses or apartments.

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 11:53 a.m.

After Round 5 of "Who Ya gonna Believe?!" the referee has decided to count loonpt out for the count by KO.
Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of "Who Ya Gonna Believe?!": HENRY SARRIA!

The post bout commentary will begin soon, STAY TUNED!

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 11:51 a.m.

Who ya Gonna Believe?! Round 5: Safety of females in Isla Vista:

Loonpt says: "Same if I were female, though I still don't recommend it. However I heard someone saying they saw a girl near passed out in IV and called them a cab back to their place downtown, imo she would have been safer staying at the party in IV."

Henry Sarria says: "Where I live now, the girls are mostly from the neighboring sororities. They're usually traveling in groups, so safety in numbers is the norm.
However, a female alone in certain parts, the only word that comes to mind is SKETCHY.
Partying in Isla Vista if you're with a group is a relatively safe bet, but by yourself, it's kind of like the song "Alone and easy target" by the Foofighters.
Sometimes staying at the place of a party and passing out if you're a female is risky. I heard that was the case with the recent rape incident with the guy from Salinas who was visiting his friend's frat house.
I have to say though that most of the perps in these matters are out of town elements, such as the guy from Salinas.
Of course, then there was the incident of the 3 guys on Del Playa taking turns with the passed out girl between parked cars.
It's never safe if you're alone, my advice to all the girls I know id safety in numbers and if you're going to hook up with some guy, well, accept the responsibility that you're on your own after that."

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 11:41 a.m.

Who Ya Gonna Believe?! Round 4: The cops hassle you if you're drunk:

Loonpt says: "Think about that, in IV you can be relatively safe leaving your door unlocked - it's actually a very safe community for the most part. As long as I don't end up being hassled by the cops, I would feel safer blacked out drunk in IV than just about anywhere in the country."

Henry Sarria says: "Well, "safety" is a relative term. If you're talking about a place where there's a huge public presence, sure, safety in numbers does apply.
But in all reality, the most dangerous time in IV is from 12:10 am to 1:45 am. That's when the people who are totally hammered are cruising around, if they don't have a "friend" to go home w/ for a hookup, well, then they'll tend to start a fight.
You also got a bunch of wannabe gangsters, they just want to get in a fight for no reason whatsoever, especially if they're in a group that outnumbers your group.
The worst are the girls, they cruise around like a bunch of prissy divas and will actually try to run you off the sidewalk (this is over on Embarcadero Del Norte) because they feel since they're in a big group they can commandeer the walk path.
My girlfriend and I have had some run ins with these divas and it never bodes well for them (imagine a group of prissy divas going against 2 Miami bred people, no match!).
They also do this to try and get the guys their with to "prove their manhood" which is stupid.
If you're drunk, the safest thing to do is don't start a fight and don't pass out. The LEAST of your worry is the cops, they'll actually help you out of trouble in a case like that.
The other drunks? Well, remember that kid they shoved a laundry hose up where it doesn't belong? Yes, he was passed out drunk.
The cops only hassle you when you're being a nuisance to those around you. If you're passed out, they put you in the drunk tank to sleep it off and there's never any real repercussions. Well, maybe from UCSB's Drug and Alcohol Awareness counseling, they're always notified in these cases and they take over.
The funny thing is UCSB is the biggest contributor to the problem via the Student Health Center. They dispense Adderall or Xanax like candy.
Some students memorize either the symptoms to ADHD or anxiety, go in feign the behavior and they get the prescription. I have many friends who have done that and continue to do so.
But no, the cops are the least of your worries, in fact, last Saturday, 2 cops riding their ATV's on Del Playa stopped to play some football w/ some of the students on the street."

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 11:24 a.m.

Who Ya Gonna Believe?! Round 3: Leave your door unlocked in IV at night?

Loonpt says: "so don't try and tell me about crime and safety in IV....cuz other than that, everybody I knew always left their doors unlocked and I don't know ANYBODY who had anything valuable stolen from their house even after having open parties with hundreds of random people. I knew guys in bands who had expensive equipment that was always being left in unlocked apartments and garages. No expensive band equipment stolen that I'm aware of. I lived in an apartment that was full of expensive audio equipment and there was a hole in the front door big enough to crawl through."

Henry Sarria says: "Man, the stupidest thing you can EVER do in Isla Vista is leave your door open or unlocked after dark, mainly the hours after 1:30 am!
When I lived on Sueno, my last year (2011), there back to back incidents at my neighbor's place, one of the girls woke up to a random guy trying to open the sliding glass door to her room. The same thing happened to her housemate, he woke up to a random guy exposing himself right at the foot of his bed.
Now keep in mind, these rooms are in the back of the house, hard to access. Imagine if easy access was available?
I can personally tell you about that. Where I currently live I had to chase down some guys and have them arrested for coming into our apartment complex (on Segovia), going into the rec room and proceed to destroy private property. I chased them down, they got in a car and drove off, I had the foot patrol on the phone the whole time, they pulled the car over, yes, the driver was drunk. BUSTED! Coolest thing is I got to ride in a patrol car to go ID the suspects.
I've had to chase bums out who were trying to set up camp in the rec room and I've caught friends of the frat next door (the same frat involved in the Steven Chung stabbing at Freebirds and the recent brutal rape) trying to steal stuff from our place.
Leave the door unlocked at night in IV and think you're safe? Only an IDIOT would do something as stupid as that!
I could go on about this, but the list of incidents, even recent ones, is, sadly enough, way too long."

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 11:13 a.m.

Who Ya Gonna Believe?! Round 2: Type of crime in Isla Vista:

Loonpt says: "Let's see, I was there for about 4 years and quite a few people had their bikes of my friends had their house broken into over break when none of the students were around....crime certainly does happen there, but having your bike stolen and place broken into when the whole place turns into a ghost town is nothing I would worry about my safety over, though it does inflate the crime statistics..."

Henry Sarria says: "In all my years of living here, 27 total and going, I can say with certainty that crime has increased. Of course, when UCSB increased it's enrollment and SBCC became the cool school to attend because you can live in IV, well, yes, crime will increase.
I'm talking about assaults (fights), theft, burglary and damage to private property. We even had a few armed home invasion type robberies. Rapes have increased, but not significantly, still, it is alarming.
There's no need to inflate the stats, they do it for themselves and on a consistent basis.
There's also a lot of stuff that goes unreported as well. The street I used to live on, Sueno, went from zero to ghetto overnight in 2003-2004.
Immediately, every rich kid thought they were living a rap video fantasy. I had to deal with some of them on MANY occasions and the outcome for them was NOT good.
If you're a rich kid from rich suburbia, regardless of color, race or ethnicity, the last person you want to act ghetto to is a Cuban from the ghetto who wants to get away from the ghetto. You're only going to piss him off."

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 11:02 a.m.

I ran into none other than Henry "Hank" Sarria at Elings Park yesterday, we had a bit of a chat and I got an idea for a new game. it's called Who Ya Gonna Believe?!

Contestant #1, out of Loon Point, CA. he's a known 9/11 truther, a conspiracy theory pusher, his occupation appears to be keyboard hacktivism and defender of gang scumbags, there's questions as to his mental capacity and appears to live in either a fantasy world or a delusional state, ladies and gentlemen, LOONPT!

Contestant # 2, out of Isla Vista, CA, has lived there since 1987, still lives there, former UCSB student and Daily Nexus (and Santa Barbara Independent) writer and blogger, played in many Isla Vista bamnds (Boling Idiots, Latch Key kids, Dahmer's Icebox, Fat, drunk and Stupid), works for a high tech Fortune 100 company, active BMX/mountain bike racer, former contest skateboarder, active surfer and snowboarder, he still hits the party scene, ladies and gentlemen, HENRY "HANK" SARRIA!

Round 1: Isla Vista today, the types of arrests for drunk in public and minor in possession:

Loonpt says: "Most of the 'crimes' aren't even crimes, they are drunk in public minor intoxicated bullsht.

Henry Sarria says: "Well, yes, there's the DIP arrests, but these are usually made when the individual in question is either acting in an aggressive manner, usually prone to starting a fight or after being involved in an altercation or in the process of trying to steal a bicycle.
Sometimes it's a case of where an intoxicated refuses to leave a party and becomes hostile toward the hosts, this usually leads to a fight. Happens quite a bit actually.
As for minor in possession, usually they're the ones involved in all I just mentioned.
So yes, they are "drunk in public" as stated, but they're acting in a volatile manner toward innocent individuals, even before the police arrive"

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

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