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Posted on July 21 at 10:38 a.m.

I would like to see some of these developers get a bill for improving the roadways and or providing alternate transportation. Often if not always, they reap the huge financial rewards, yet rarely contribute to infrastructure (that actually helps) to accommodate traffic which at it's worse is during rush hours. The problem with rush hour traffic is that often times kids are in the mix in the morning hours. On bikes, skateboards, whatever. Also when developers promise something, like a park or an ice rink, or improving roads they actually follow through.

Instead it turns that we who live here, the taxpayers have to fund these large scale projects to pay for road widening, creek flood control, so some JACKA$$ developer can make another few million on another stripmall or apartment complex. Also note, Condo/Apartment complex's are way more dense than regular trace housing so number of car trips in and out onto the main thoroughfares will be much more. The people who initiate and reap the financial rewards of these developments need to consider the infrastructure, or at least the stewards of those thoroughfares (local government) should call it on them.

Goleta has some soul searching to do before this mess turns into a hole they won't be able to dig themselves out of and the quality of life out there is compromised. Also it would be great to see UCSB (and the Chumash) fall under the slightest bit of regulation as far as building goes instead of living large under the status of autonomous nations.

On Traffic in Goleta

Posted on July 18 at 10:37 a.m.

Is there a reason we need a pride "season"? People may not like it, but I think dewdly has a valid point. If the market will bare a gay bar then there will be one. When I see a hetero couple making out they are told GET A ROOM as it is tacky. So enjoy your pride but don't ram it down the rest of our throats.

On Thousands Greet This Year's Pride Season

Posted on July 18 at 10:24 a.m.

Wow, sad this turned into a Cito vs Goleta thing. trustfundkid-LOL! Sadly I think this is more about addiction that geographic location. If anything good can come out of it, it maybe some of the people he ran with will take head and make some changes if they need to. Too many people dying early around here for such a nice place we live in.

On Legendary Partier Dies After 'Medical Event' at Jail

Posted on July 18 at 10:16 a.m.

Dirt Bags. Where is Dirty Harry when we need him? Hopefully justice is swift and harsh for these two winners.

On Cousins Arrested for Raping Homeless Woman

Posted on July 17 at 10:33 a.m.

Of all places for this to happen, this was probably most appropriate. Not sure where the water will come from. I will reserve judgment until I see what it does to the traffic. At some point, someone is going to have to address this water issue.

On Goleta Approves 465-Unit Building Project

Posted on July 17 at 10:30 a.m.

Wow, what a sad ending after a life of addiction. Not sure if this guy had family but I am sure it was hard on them if he did. Poor decisions.

I would say jail staff might want to pull their heads out and be a little more proactive and cautious with regards to diagnosing head trauma.

On Legendary Partier Dies After 'Medical Event' at Jail

Posted on July 16 at 11:24 a.m.

Lame... kind of like Goleta Pier that has been closed for MONTHS! I bet it is a money thing.

On San Miguel Island Closure Irks Officials

Posted on July 1 at 11:40 a.m.

Hopefully they will downsize the Plover reserve.

On Tank Fire Rips Through University Reserve

Posted on June 24 at 11:06 a.m.

Does $70 water really hurt them? Probably not. I wonder what it costs per truck to bring water up? Probably even more. I think a nice big fat WATER SMART METER would be a great idea around here. Especially for some of our well to do friends. These fines mean about as much to some as a speeding ticket. Nothing. If it gets out of line on the smart meter, have big brother turn it off! I wonder if water wars are coming but big picture, more and more building, with finite sources of water since no one thinks desal is viable. Just keep on rolling those dice with mother nature and continue to ignore shrinking capacity in reservoirs. Maybe for every truck load someone uses, they should have to truck a load of silt out! I have to give this guy a few props though for actually taking some action to reduce his water use.

On Appeals Pour In, but Montecito Has No Water to Spare

Posted on June 18 at 2:32 p.m.

Look at that picture.. the whole place is a dump. UCSB must be so proud of their enviro care about the earth attitude kids. Looks worse than the center median of the 101 going through Montecito if that is possible. Chancellor Yang, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL! and put something reasonable up. With what you charge for tuition, it shouldn't be that much of a burden.

On Unhappy Resident Tears Down Fencing Along Isla Vista Bluffs

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