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Posted on April 20 at 6:04 p.m.

Yes they should Jsratter, but only in the style of the stuck-in-the-'70's form of political correctness. Simply put, if there are ten people in the commercial or advertisement, make sure that about six or seven are white, and the rest black, but no Hispanics (even though there are more Hispanics in the U.S. now than Blacks) and no Asians.

It's always interesting to contrast U.S. demographic statistics with how ads are marketed.

On Camp Valhalla

Posted on April 20 at 12:14 a.m.

"It might humor you to know Mr. Thorn that the Far left despises me just as much as the Far Right" Well Ken, as your unofficial guidence counselor I would say that a career in mainstream politics isn't for you.

I've been vilified by both the Left and Right as well. It's a good feeling.

On Out of Control

Posted on April 19 at 10:38 p.m.

Mr. Thorn: In all fairness to you, I wasn't specific with my question so I will narrow it down: In 2011 The National Defense Authorization Act was passed into Federal Law, it clearly contradicts the 6th Amendment, and most Republicans (along with Obama, Capps, Feinstein, and Boxer) support this law. How do you respond to this?

On Out of Control

Posted on April 19 at 10:35 p.m.

Since you bring up taxes, I will share a story. A friend of mine who has done my taxes for about the last four out of five years tried to do my taxes this year via e-file. It was my idea so I'm taking the blame here. (I had always done it snail mail in the past) Long into short, although she is very technically savvy, she couldn't figure out how to do it because of complications.. (That should have told me something: If SHE couldn't do it, how was I going to figure it out?) Anyway, someone turned me on to the iconic H&R Block website for e-fling.

After 84 minutes on the phone crossing every t and dotting every i while meticulously going over my simple W2 -form, the operator told me that I had to provide my income from the year prior to what was on the W2. Of course, I didn't have that, (I had never had to have any more than my W2) so I could not get it done. 84 minutes of my life wasted, but I did say to the operator "I hope this call is being monitored for 'quality assurance purposes' so that I can tell H&R Block how ridiculous it is that I've just wasted all this time only to find out my W2 isn't enough". I made it clear to the operator that I was not blaming him for H&R' s policy, but I made it clear that it would have been nice to know before I committed to wasting all this time about their special rule. (Why can't people tell you up front what's going on?)

In all the years I've done taxes, I never needed anything more than a W2. Another thing: H&R Block's website said my P.O. box wasn't sufficient, but that their policy--in accordance with the Patriot Act--required I give them my physical address.

I finally had our family CPA do my taxes, and sent it via snail mail, but as I have done for about the past 10 years, sent it via certified mail. You always have to cover your back.

On April, the Cruelest Month

Posted on April 19 at 7:08 a.m.

Ahem: Your last sentence hits the nail on the head perfectly.. Well said.

On Morua Pleads Guilty to DUI and Fatal Hit-and-Run Charges

Posted on April 18 at 10:45 p.m.

OK Lawdy, I see your point. If you pinky swear me that passing the gang injuncion will stop them from killing each other, I will support it because after all, there are no laws that specifically say gang members can't kill each other.

On From the Mouths of Dogs

Posted on April 18 at 8:51 p.m.

Sort of ironic how the U.S. dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan and now Japan's radiation is coming back to haunt the U.S.

On Fukushima Remains an Intractable Disaster

Posted on April 18 at 8:48 p.m.

Yes Bimbo, you are right--although horrifically politically incorrect. I notice her friends are now asking for $$$ to raise awareness about drunk driving, but since much of her social life revolved around alcohol, I wonder if those who are decrying her death are merely shifting blame onto Morua when they themselves have been complicit in the behavior that got her killed?

I also wonder if these people can truly say that they no longer drink and drive, and if they see that the very nature of bars is to serve people alcohol who they know will be leaving these establishements while under the influence. (As opposed to buying alcohol, and drinking it at home, or going to a friend's place, getting drunk, and sleeping it off before going home)

On Morua Pleads Guilty to DUI and Fatal Hit-and-Run Charges

Posted on April 18 at 8:42 p.m.

@Merle Betz: How many Spanish surnames do you see on The Independent staff?

On Camp Valhalla

Posted on April 18 at 8:40 p.m.

Mr. Thorn: Since I know you read and post on these blogs, I would like to know why you only focus on Obama. Why do you not include the fact that the Republicans have been guilty as well of violating our rights and the Constitution?

On Out of Control

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