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Posted on August 30 at 7:53 a.m.

Glue cards are evil -- putting poisoned seeds in bird feeders is even more so. Hydrex, an Independent advertiser in the current edition of the Independent, should be heavily fined, as should the Fess Parker.

(In addition, this story should have noted that Hydrex is an advertiser, with the current edition's ad claiming that birds can carry diseases; well, uh, yes, all animals can, including chickens. The solution should not be to mass poison.)

The hotel's solution to too many birds is not to attract more with poisoned feeders but to keep the food-preparation and serving areas clean.

On Poisonous Bird Food?

Posted on August 29 at 9:12 a.m.

I am glad this will be on updated, well-engineered foot and bike bridge, not a car bridge. If it were the latter, it would be a speedway, with the new underpass by Milpas. There are plenty of other ways to get to Milpas and the 101 accesses --- and this will be great encouragement for biking and even walking. Having lighting will help with safety.

Thanks to whoever designed it and developed the grant application!

On Big Bucks for Bike Projects

Posted on August 28 at 10:07 p.m.

Of course, it's "appropriate" to focus on housing! How can it be inappropriate when the area at the bottom of the hill, Rancheria and Ladera Street areas that used to be low-income Latino are now SBCC student-occupied apartments! And what about Isla Vista that has had such an influx of SBCC often part-time-students, some taking the place of UCSB students, moved on campus, others forcing out longtime residents or at the least raising the rents?

Just because the city is talking about the whole, parking, transport and housing (and the County Isla Vista issues, too?), does NOT mean we should not be talking about the components, especially when the college is demanding that the local people pay for all these wish-list improvements -- and more than half of the students are from outside of the district. (20,000 students, 11,000 from outside the district.) And what about the parking, the effects on the slipholders at the harbor, as discussed in edhat:

This is not like the SB school district bonds for music and art education; this is for construction or, rather they're for tearing down and rebuilding, sometimes, bigger and bigger.)

On Measure S: The $288 Million Question

Posted on August 23 at 7:58 a.m.

A groin and boat launch ramp makes much more sense than an expensive pier that serves few, has no $redeeming commercial benefits.

On Gaviota Pier Not Opening for Years

Posted on August 22 at 10:15 p.m.

DolphinPod14: Sorry to disappoint you but the Aquatic Center is off the list. It was talked about, but apparently withdrawn, perhaps because Los Banos and your ocean is so close by. So....... SBCC water poloists will have to attend your school! What do you charge?

On Unchained Dogs of Pokey LaFarge

Posted on August 21 at 8:18 a.m.

BillClausen, there is no itemized list, none, at least, publicly available. On the ballot measure itself there are a list of generalities of building upgrades, just as McDouhgall-Bennett-Limon say. One specific in the list of generalities are "modernize Schott campus" and "replace Wake Campus", followed by the catchall, that the Board may decide that "demolition of existing facilities scheduled for repair and upgrade" may occur if it seems more cost-effective. A major item on the list is also the replacement/rebuilding of the gym.

No one or few would be objecting to this bond if the 2008 one, Measure V, had been already spent; it hasn't and isn't paid off yet, with more than $100M owing. Or if this demand had not been so far-reaching, greedy-seeming, even.

I am all for education, have spent much of my life studying, sharing what I have learned, appreciating the skills of teachers, admiring, too, SBCC (as well as Allen Hancock), community colleges. But no more than clothes make the man do buildings make the education. This bond measure is all about buildings, not teaching, not students. It will be the largest school bond in SB County history, I think, and it is very unlikely that the people will be willing to vote for more education $$$ requests for anything. It will be interesting to see who's supporting this bond measure and how much they've paid to do so.

Although I always have voted for education, from what I've read that's not Measure S, and I'll vote against it.

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 19 at 8:40 a.m.

Now, if only Roger Aceves would go away with his longed-for Target.

On Goleta Goes Off Target?

Posted on August 19 at 8:33 a.m.

Most of us go out of town, JohnLocke, where there are Targets. ...Went to one in Santa Maria, bought nothing, have never returned.

Here's hoping that another big box does not come to this area unless it takes the place of one already there, K-Mart, Sears being choices.

I, too, would like a hip hip hooray category!

On Reaction to news Target may pull out?

Posted on August 15 at 9:21 p.m.

DrDan: as you probably know, none of this bond is for teaching; all of it is for construction. Tearing down Wake Center and rebuilding it much larger, building an Aquatics Center, building a new Sports Center. As the measure says,"Proceeds ...shall be used only for the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement of school facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of school facilities, and not for any other purpose, including teacher and college administrator salaries, pensions and other operating expenses."

The actual Yes or No section, says "no money for administrators' salaries" - further down, there is the paragraph of no teacher salaries, either, having left the impression that if there are no administrators' salaries there may be money for teaching.

The way it is written is a bit deceptive and not at all specific about the projects intended.

On Unchained Dogs of Pokey LaFarge

Posted on August 14 at 5:58 p.m.

All of Measure V's money has not yet been spent, Eckermann.

I am glad that SBCC rated so well, actually tied for #1 in the March 2013 Aspen Institute poll with Walla Walla Community.

It makes great advertising, see the flags in the parking lot, to attract more and more out-of-area students. On its website, SBCC says, "SBCC is renowned as the #1 community college in the nation." I don't think that's what the AI said.

But here are the Aspen Institute's considerations:
"three areas of student success:
* student success in persistence, completion, and transfer;
* consistent improvement in outcomes over time; and
* equity in outcomes for students of all racial/ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds."

But the college has a smart rating of 43 (of 100, 59 being average) in the Find the Best poll College Measures, CNNMoney ranks SBCC 66%, "success rates of US community colleges":

With this kind of We're #1 hype, how can we believe what is being said about that gigantic bond demand?!

On Unchained Dogs of Pokey LaFarge

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