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Posted on December 19 at 10:17 a.m.

Another 3 year term to top off her retirement. Not a coincidence that the County increased the length of retirement pay calculations to the last two years rather than the last one before this change of the guard. How many Probation Chiefs have visited this pump over the past few decades? I have come to the position that there needs to be a max retirement pay in government retirement plans to discourage this type of finagling. Maybe $100K?

On County Probation Chief Retiring

Posted on December 19 at 10:10 a.m.

Nativegeo--maybe you didn't get good marks in math. The decline in middle class income goes back to the mid-80's...not mid-2000's. But I agree, Barack Obama is a tool of Wall Street just as every president since Carter has been. Bush 1 fought war for oil and OPEC and big business. Clinton sold out to them and released the banks from responsibility, Bush 2 took if further and gave us more wars for them, Obama packaged it up nicely and kept them protected (not one thief of Wall Street has been prosecuted criminally). And Jarvis's idea that all it takes is competence to do well is simply naive. It takes access to power, immunity from fair tax laws, a really awful morality as well as friends in high places who hope to benefit from the same corruption when the enter the "private sector" (really an amalgam of government and corporate interests that comes closest to Fascism as a political model). The world economy is controlled by and dedicated to the ultra rich. Labor has been gutted by corporate Congress and corporate trade policy. Europe is on the edge of confrontation. The US should be as well.

On Court Workers Picket for Pay Raise

Posted on December 19 at 9:14 a.m.

So yesterday's LA Times reports that the wealth gap in the US is at a record level. The income of the top 21% is now seven times that of the middle class (46%). (One third are considered low income.) Since 1983 the upper income people have doubled their income (adjusted for inflation) while the middle income people have barely held static. The middle income level is between $22K and $66K for a single person. This sounds OK until one pays attention to the real costs of life in this society. So they are being squeezed out and messed over as the rich get more and more. These employees, and others, need to fight back hard to recover the middle class dream and status. Congratulations to these workers and any other working class or middle class person who engages the forces of exploitation to get a fair share of the economic pie.

On Court Workers Picket for Pay Raise

Posted on December 17 at 1:40 p.m.

The rich are subsidized beyond anything given to the poor. Almost all the food given to poverty programs is bought by the government at guaranteed prices so that owners of large farms get a protected profit. Ironically the food is then given at reduced costs to their farm workers who produced it. The tax system for the wealthy allows a tax rate for their income that is half that of people who actually work for the money--capital gains and tax sheltered profits. When a poor person gets a cheap meal or a government built shelter rude people feel free to take cheap shots at them but when the uber rich constantly parade their grotesque wealth in public (currently with record "art" and estate and jewelry prices, etc.) they are revered as some sort of model. But they are the thieves and the takers. Wall Street has stolen more from the poor and middle class in the last decade than the poor and middle class have stolen or taken from them in the last two centuries.

On Hungry on the Holidays

Posted on December 17 at 1:27 p.m.

Jarvis is it just a knee jerk reaction that comes on you when the issue of compassion or care is raised? Ayn Rand is long dead and the philosophy is discredited in any real world scenario. But allowing a little warmth and shelter on a cold and rainy night is not encouraging slackers and "committed street addicts" (whatever that is). Actually it is just about the most universal of philosophical and religious instruction--be kind and give succor. Judging without personal knowledge, without hearing another side and without any rules is a commentary about personal values of the judge, not society's values. As noted before, the County has failed in its obligations under LPS and under Prop 63. But denying shelter for a night to the needy will not make the County do any better.

On Warming Shelters Continue to Open

Posted on December 17 at 11:07 a.m.

Once again the "good" people of the "good land" (aka Goleta) offer no succor. Nice that they have no down and out folks in their community.

On Warming Shelters Continue to Open

Posted on December 16 at 10:05 a.m.

Calm down and carry on. Please remember this was not a job required task they failed to attend. It was an invitational luncheon they choose not to accept. They didn't do this on government time. They didn't cost the government anything. This is pretty basic freedom stuff unless we are all required to kowtow to the local liege like serfs of old.

On Courthouse Workers Boycott Christmas Luncheon

Posted on December 14 at 11:14 a.m.

Just because some one works for the "government" doesn't mean they are freeloaders or overpaid. Simple. The most overpaid people in the US are private sector Wall Street and CEO types. They generally produce nothing of value and get paid exorbitant fees and pay low taxes. Public employees' salaries are known and the work they do is known. If you don't want courts and you prefer free enterprise litigation go for it!!! The deep pocket wins. This is what corporations want, they call it "arbitration" which is private and they get to choose the arbitrators. Underpaying public workers leads to graft and corruption that is endemic around the world. US has among the most graft free public sector in the world. Pay a decent salary and keep it that way.

On Courthouse Workers Boycott Christmas Luncheon

Posted on December 13 at 10:45 a.m.

Bottom line: THE ONLY PURPOSE of a desalination plant is to allow more people and more development in this community! Those who want to do this have no issue with the cost as they will get their money and run. The rest of us will be stuck with the population and tourist congestion and huge operating costs and the probable closure of the plant due to the lack of need when the rains come. If the old plant deteriorated so quickly why wouldn't this do the same? Say no to this time bomb. We can exist pretty well at the present population (or a bit less) with present resources (especially with continued wiser use).

On Big Jump in Water Bills?

Posted on December 11 at 12:55 p.m.

As happens, Jarvis and I are in agreement about the abysmal failure to implement mental health outpatient care in SB. But his reference is, I think, to Prop 63 which assessed a tax on big income to provide the outpatient and inpatient services for psychiatric needs. The money available in SB County has been used for more nonsensical County Mental Health processes. We are also building a couple of new jails which purport to allow for psychiatric care. Absurd. The Board of Supervisors has sold out to the Sheriff and political pressure and refused to stop the jails and, worse, has avoided any responsibility to care for the mentally ill in this county. The Pyschiatric Health Facility has been the same capacity for 40 years. County Mental Health likes it that way--take the easy cases and send everyone else to jail (or out of county maybe). 40% of the homeless suffer from psychiatric disabiity. Treating this would be a first step and a great cost savings over the jail.

On New Leader for Casa Esperanza

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