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Posted on November 27 at 6:51 a.m.

What? A Lawsuit? And here we were told by the backers of Measure P that the opponents were just blowing smoke. Enviro's are the same everywhere. Sue the crap out of the idiots....

On San Benito County Drilling Ban Looking at $1.2 Billion Lawsuit

Posted on November 26 at 7:47 a.m.

90% of the ingrates have no idea why they are protesting. Since when is justice a one-way street? Since when is the officers account of the facts discarded?

Micheal Brown committed a strong arm robbery, attempted to disarm a police officer, was shot while on top of the officer in his car, tried to again attack the officer and was shot. When Brown attempted to disarm the officer he was NO LONGER AN UNARMED TEENAGER!

At least 4 African Americans corroborated the officers story and physical evidence in the Grand Jury deliberations. What is it about facts that these protesters (I mean criminals) don't understand?

It was never about Mike Brown, its always been about free TV's, destruction of property and lawlessness. What happened in Ferguson would have happened regardless of the outcome. Race baiters, the media and democrats caused Ferguson, Mo. from the beginning with false information to stir their base and keep Black America believing in "Hope and Change". Race relations are worse today than ever before and the left can't pen this on GW.

Black youths are slaughtered everyday in this country 95% by other black youths. Were are the protests? Were is Al Sharpton? Were is Obama, Eric Holder, ACLU, NAACP, the news media? The only time an African Americans life is held high is during a crime when a white cop shoots the criminal.

Martin Luther King is rolling in his grave at what his own race, democrat politicians and the news media has done to actually bring "Hope and Change" to reality.

The story in Ferguson, Mo. is no Selma, Alabama.......

On Hundreds March in Solidarity with Ferguson

Posted on November 21 at 6:45 a.m.

Note to liberal students,

"Ain't liberalism great! Tuition hikes are just a redistribution of funds from richer students to poorer students. It's just the fair thing to do."

Keep voting democrat!!!!!!

On UC Regents Approve Tuition Increase

Posted on November 19 at 7:06 p.m.


It just doesn't get any better than a bunch of snot nosed, whiny liberals complaining that something is getting raised while at the same time electing the same idiots into office that are raising all other fees to all us taxpayers and now there isn't enough money for the UC system. CRY ME A RIVER!!!!!!

Grow up and face reality like adults and quit complaining that your elected officials screwed you.

On UC Regents Move Toward Tuition Increase

Posted on November 16 at 7:36 a.m.


Your confused, politicians only know how to dangle a carrot in front of their lemmings to pretend to show they are doing something. Laws do not protect anybody. Laws only state what will happen to you IF you violate whatever the law says. It takes honest human-beings to show compassion to others or know when something your doing is causing a safety issue to others. Lemmings confuse this small detail with reality.

Case in point was the last election with Skeletal Capps mis-stating on-air what her opponent actually said to create a false fear. Capps is a disgrace to politics and is the reason why democrats are now being shone who they really are.

The two boobs in this article (Jackson/Williams) have done nothing to protect anybody. They use the false sense of protection of "See what I did" as if they are saving the world. Only problem is the "Stupid" people keeping falling for the same trick.....

(I do know what your saying though)

On Talking Sexual Assault at UCSB

Posted on November 13 at 7:27 p.m.

We have to pass it to see what's in it..........

This is what you get with a liberal Coastal Commission who will approval anything liberal and deny local residents to build on there own property...

You can thank democrats for this coming disaster......

IV should have also been placed in state property..

On UCSB Long-Range Plan Wins Approval

Posted on November 13 at 6:55 a.m.

As I've said before, only brain-dead, lemming following, low information voters are in SB and IV. These voters will only believe what lying Lois Capps, Hannah "The skunk" Jackson and Das "The Chosen One" Williams tells them.

Lois can only win by lying to the public that she will "only" serve several terms and producing deceptive TV adds, Jackson floats from office to office only serving UCSB students in order to get elected and Das well Das is Das the "chosen one" who has done nothing in life. SB county and the 24th district deserve the idiots they have elected to office.

Only in this state can democrats complain about republicans who have "No majority" in any office. Sleep well my friends, sleep well.....

On Measure P Postmortem

Posted on November 4 at 7:01 p.m.


Your naiveté is showing......

When one pays millions for hush money it's not because one is innocent. Wake up and drink coffee. You probably voted for Capps too because she is SOOOO effective as a legislator. I'm hoping her party tonight does not go as badly as the last one. Just say'in.......

On Former DA Tom Sneddon Dies

Posted on November 4 at 6:41 a.m.


Don't forget the millions paid in hush money........

Anytime you bring charges against the "Chosen elite" there is no downhill battle......

On Former DA Tom Sneddon Dies

Posted on October 31 at 7:52 a.m.

Can you two idiots just be thankful that there are generous people out willing to give? BTW, what have you two done lately to be generous to your community???

On Ellen DeGeneres Donates $10,000 to Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office

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