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Posted on December 10 at 4:19 p.m.

What about everybody else? Or do adults not have any need for eyecare?

On Free Eye Exam and Glasses for Kids

Posted on November 23 at 9:11 p.m.

"These RV dwellers make a mockery of the zoning laws and building codes. How is it that you can't do a thing to your house without a jumping through a ton of city mandated hoops and pay a ransom of fees..."

And this is EXACTLY why people who were fortunate enough to manage somehow (by the skin of their teeth in most cases), to get into housing, hate homeless people.

There it is, the root of the hatred...and who can blame people for being resentful and hateful? They struggle and live like rats crammed into slum housing, paying insane amounts of money to one of SB's many slumlords, and someone else dares to live on the same street in an RV, with space all their own inside of it.

No landlords, no permits needed for any of the myriad things that SB has figured out a way to squeeze money from folks for. How DARE someone escape the iron clutches of the city and its myriad permit requirements!

It doesn't help that most working stiffs in SB are all running frantically like rats on a wheel going nowhere, barely existing from paycheck to paycheck, knowing subliminally that at any second, the entire house of cards could (and probably will) come crashing down around their ears.

If they don't keep all the bedrooms and the garage filled with roommates, if someone loses their job, gets sick, or some other life catastrophe occurs, here comes the eviction notice. If they get far enough behind the 8-ball, they find themselves parked right behind the guy they hated so much 6 months before, still working that dead-end service job, now a refugee in their own hometown, being told to "move on if you can't afford it here!"

Oh and in case anyone doesn't realize this: RVs have toilets and there are dump facilities all over town. People who live in RV's don't pee and poop in the bushes; that would be the Lower State Street drunken college kids and tourists staggering from bar to bar who do that. Just ask anyone who is unfortunate enough to live down there.

As for the assumption that all people living in RV's are child molesters; I hope someone decides to lawyer up and sue for slander. What an ugly, vile thing to accuse someone of...and why...because they are poor? Right then: all poor people are child molesters! When all else fails, play the child molester card.


On RV Ordinance Revision Hits the Skids

Posted on November 21 at 5:38 p.m.

People without extra income to spend are a fact of life, especially in overcrowded and expensive SB, that's not new. The only difference is that these folks are no longer at the mercy of SB's slumlords & trapped in the endless, pointless cycle of renting. Those who own homes usually feel they have more of a stake in the area where they reside.

My objection is that Habitat is primarily about people with children. Single, senior, disabled etc., and don't have kids? Too bad. Like so many other programs, adults must be accompanied by children in order to qualify.

EVERYBODY deserves a shot at seeing some positive feedback & stability result from the fruits of their labors.

I imagine there is going to be pushback from folks who also work hard & DON'T get a crack at home ownership, and $2000.00 Tempur-pedic beds.

I spent decades working two and three jobs, 6 and sometimes 7 days per week including days for a local nonprofit (the guys at the top profited plenty, the employees were kept at part-time and pretty much nonprofit!), weekend graveyards at a residential retirement hotel downtown. Hard work notwithstanding, I never managed to get out of the rent trap at best and living in a camper at worst. Finally I woke up and realized that people like me are not welcome in SB on any level except as service for those who are financially better-off. I managed to escape nearly 10 years ago and have never missed that lifestyle of racing on the wheel to nowhere.

So I get it that there is going to be a LOT of resentment that there are a few favored folks (IE, people with kids) who catch the breaks, including this path to home ownership...while everyone else keeps struggling and mostly getting nowhere on that hamster wheel. I get it that there will also be anger on the part of the "haves" who feel that the "have-nots" should just shut up and be grateful they are allowed to breathe Santa Barbara air at all, and to stop expecting to have a stake in the city they work so hard in. It is ever thus.

For me, the answer was to get out, and now I'm a homeowner with a modest income who can afford to live a life free of that constant stress and struggle.For me and my family, THAT is paradise...not working 60+ hours a week at part-time jobs with no benefits just so I can stay in SB where I had lived since my parents brought our family there when I was a kid.

So if Habitat is providing a path to home ownership for hard working people, GREAT. I'd just like to see the opportunity extended to everyone, not just people with children.

On Beacons of Home

Posted on November 16 at 12:23 p.m.

It makes me wonder if all this noise and splashing around by the usual suspects (H-B J, Das, ad nauseum) isn't a combination of A: Justifying their overpaid cushy jobs and B: redirecting attention from Useless-B's policy of cramming in thousands more students that the are can handle? Just a thought.

As billclausen mentioned, isn't it ALREADY illegal to assault and rape people? Why isn't existing law being enforced? If existing law isn't being enforced, how are more layers of laws going to magically change this situation?

I'm confused...

On Talking Sexual Assault at UCSB

Posted on November 14 at 1:57 p.m.

Bicyclists don't obey the law? NO! REALLY?

On Bike Sting Snags Drivers, Riders

Posted on November 13 at 12:09 p.m.

And this is surprising why?

You do NOT say no to Armenta & Friends. Whatsoever he demands, just shut up and hand it over. Laws and being a good neighbor do not apply to the Armenta juggernaut.

On Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Camp 4

Posted on September 29 at 1:54 p.m.

I don't know this woman so have no opinion of her one way or another. She is good at her job...I used to listen to her when I lived there. Beyond that...I'm not really interested in the Teen Magazine/National Enquirer rundown of her likes & dislikes and scripted glimpse of her personal life.

Why do we care that she is yet another rah-rah "Santa Barbara is paradise" Chamber of Commerce made-to-order cheerleader parroting the Party Line and swilling the requisite "glass of wine" with the rest of the herd?

Slow news day, I'm thinking...

On The S.B. Questionnaire: Catherine Remak

Posted on September 29 at 1:25 p.m.

Dolphinpod14 asks a valid question which has not been answered in the article: WHY are these people being sterilized? What is the "reason", who is doing this, and why?

Scary, very scary. People should have the right to make their own reproductive choices...and be responsible for the results of those choices.

On Forced Sterilizations in Prison Halted

Posted on September 24 at 1:45 p.m.

Is anyone surprised? Seriously?

They will do exactly as they please, and nobody better say one word about it, lest they be branded a racist.

Yes... that's right. . Get on your knees, bow your heads, ask humbly and raise your palms in supplication. Anything else is folly and will be considered "Tea Party" behavior.

Remember... The rules the rest of us must follow do not apply to Armenta & his peeps.

On 12-Story Hotel by 2016?

Posted on September 5 at 4:20 p.m.

It was a long journey for me, involving several bouts with homelessness due to shrinking housing stock, pet discrimination, tightening qualification parameters, gentrification, and a skyrocketing student population. You can't put 10 pounds of sand (or anything else) in a 5 pound capacity sack, and the current situation was inevitable, as is the exploding homeless population caused by formerly sheltered people finding themselves out on the streets due to all these factors.

Due to a set of serendipitous circumstances, I found myself a homeowner. I was also able to escape SB some years ago, and now live in an area where the ills afflicting SB are not present. If I were renting, finding housing here is quite easy, affordable, and BS-free.

I am also a landlord, and have great tenants who have a cat and a 120 pound Swiss Mountain Dog...wonderful people who spent MONTHS trying to find housing in the Santa Ynez Valley and SB areas without success, I was the ONLY person who accepted their entire family as-is, and they have been here over a year with zero issues. I have been to the house, they invite me in, and the place is neat as a pin.

SB and indeed most of California is a nightmare for all but the very few. It wasn't always that way, but things have changed and not for the better. I am willing to live with weather that isn't 73 degrees and sunny year-round, in order to live a peaceful life free of the pungent aroma of BS and self-entitlement that afflicts much of California. Your mileage may vary.

In closing, if shelters and rescues are truly concerned about homeless pets, have a hard look at rental policies and the direct connection to abandoned animals. The correlation is inescapable.

And BTW, rabbits don't make great housepets; they chew...on an epic level. Yes they will litter train, but they also require a LOT of supervision and plenty of activity and places to dig and chew :-)

On Renting with Pets

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