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Posted on August 21 at 10:04 a.m.

agree JL when you write, "Once again, Carbajal puts his Montecito donors ahead of public safety. " Sigh.

On Montecito Antenna Additions Approved

Posted on August 21 at 10:02 a.m.

Don't often agree with Jarvis, but his post above mine asking "Who in the new administration at SBCC has any experience handling a half million dollar blank check for school construction?" is spot on. A few years back an LA Community College bond of $5.7 billion became a nightmare for these several city colleges (including Pierce JC, my alma mater), with a lot of wastage and criminal corruption. How experienced are Gaskin and co.? For details see and scroll down a bit.

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 21 at 4:57 a.m.

and don't make me poop in your riptide

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 21 at 4:54 a.m.

don't agree with Jarvis vs. Herschel, "Hershel [sic], you just want a half billion dollar feeding trough for the building trades unions. " I agree with H-G when he thoughtfully writes, "better facilities lead to a better educational experience. They would attract better faculty members and better students." And with all my living abroad, I think students here NEED more foreign-born same-age students learning with them (let's go to the 8% foreign student bar, we're only at 6%).
Unsure on Measure S, waiting for Sept. 24 debate. 55% will be tough to get. Jarv correct that MacDougal's heart wasn't really in this opinion, full of tired old cliches.

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 20 at 6:06 p.m.

great ref. pardall...UCSB ALREADY does the preponderance thing: "Findings of violations of University policies or campus regulations shall reflect a preponderance of the evidence produced at the hearing"
so why all the hullabaloo on this?

On 'Affirmative Consent' U

Posted on August 20 at 6:02 p.m.

Pt. III -- "HOW MUCH DO WE WANT TEACHING AND LEARNING TO RESEMBLE A VIDEO GAME?" asks David Bromwich in latest NYRevBks [8/14/14; p50]. H-G you appeal ONLY to the material and to tax revenue benefits of SBCC; Peter Mac stresses the material and how we need BUILDINGS WITH FULL TECH all the time...hey Peter, what about all the $ for an aquatics center and sports pavilion embedded in S?
The model for recent education according to Bromwich "seems to be the elite club" -- but why can't SBCC students just swim/surf at the nearby beach? Learning about idea, high ideals, creative concepts, classroom dialogue and penetrating discussion...? All the buildings don't need so much tech. Bromwich continues about modern education: "...a club whose leading function is to house in comfort thousands of young people...while they form connections that may help them in later life." Civics, what?
No doubt SBCC generates what you say it does, H-G: what about EDUCATION, drawing the best forth from the students? Setting their imaginations loose? Helping them become better CITIZENS?? Are we just interested in producing technocrats, conformity, corporate slaves, hi-tech buildings, and tax revenues??

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 20 at 5:16 p.m.

Seriously, Ernie Salomon and Glen Mowrer will eat you up at the Sept. 25 debate on S if these bromides and old pablums are all you have: uh, we needa new tech stuff, ya know?! Educating for tomorrow... as if these kids aren't 15 months ahead of us and of the stuff in the upgraded labs?!

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 20 at 5:12 p.m.

KV's right, dewdly, you "sanitize" the Holocaust and while denying you deny it, the thrust of all you mass of posts is to deny the Holocaust. Troll.

On UCSB Professor Sentenced to Probation, Community Service in Theft, Battery Case

Posted on August 20 at 5:11 p.m.

I'll likely vote YES on S, but am wavering. Peter et al. you focus so much on BUILDINGS and display an unseemly reverence for TECHNOLOGY, when you write [I captitalized for emphasis] -- "Many classroom buildings are 40-80 years old and suffer significantly from decades of wear and tear: Roofs, floors, and plumbing are leaky and deteriorating; vital safety upgrades wiring is INADEQUATE TO SUPPORT MODERN TECHNOLOGY; and many vocational labs and other classrooms LACK CURRENT TECHNOLOGY needed for 21st-century skills and career training, especially in health care, science, IT (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES ), and other growing, TECHNOLOGY-intensive fields."
What about TEACHERS, what about the HUMANITIES, what about FACE-TO-FACE education?! Sure, tech is very very important, but how does SBCC and the State plan to fund teachers/salaries/pensions??
Is it possible Measure S is simply a rewiring of SBCC buildings with all the fibre-optic/electro-technic/screen-happy gizmos the tech industry [read APPLE] can sell to the BS bozo voters??
You three will need to sell a lot better than you have done in this letter, or S is doomed (and you need 55%).

On City College Needs Measure S

Posted on August 20 at 11:08 a.m.

I'd say it's 2 of 4 cyclists blow right through, & Nick W admitted he does so in a recent column. Still, allowing a 16 yr old to drive a big ol truck AND pull a horse-trailer seems too much and if it isn't illegal it ought to be. It doesn't matter who's child the 16 year old is, can't drive an 18 yr old and should not have been asked or tasked with hauling a horse-trailer (how big: for 2 horses, for 6 horses??). There has to be some sort of legal penalty; a good guy riding safely was killed. At minimum, it's vehicular manslaughter.

On Investigation into Bicyclist's Death Continues

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