When It Rains,
Let's Make Better Use of It

Green Infrastructure Can Conserve Rainfall
and Balance the Water Budget

We may be out of our depth with desal. Read story.

Blood-Bloated Ticks Nesting in a Dog’s Ear


Icebergs to the Rescue

The idea of towing ice down from the far north has been floated for centuries. Read story.

Omission vs. Commission

How do you handle the errant nephew dilemma? Read story.

When It Rains,
Let's Make Better Use of It

Green Infrastructure Can Conserve Rainfall
and Balance the Water Budget

We may be out of our depth with desal. Read story.

Diablo's Former Inspector Explains

Summary of the Diablo Canyon Differing Professional Opinion

Nuclear power plant's former resident inspector explains his safety report dispute with NRC. Read story.

Raise a Peace Pole

September 21 Marks International Peace Day

International Peace Day, coming soon on September 21, is an annual occasion worth observing in several ways. Read story.

Measure S Reexamined

Tax Increase and Students Who Benefit Uncertain

The actual property tax assessment from Measure S cannot be determined until interest rates on the bonds are determined. Read story.

Measure P Will Cost Jobs

And Families and Communities Will Be Affected

The very specific language of the initiative would prohibit development of Santa Maria Energy's approved 136-well project. Read story.

Despite Persecution, Ahmadi Muslims Engage in Prayer

When a mob in Pakistan set aflame several homes of members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, police officers just ... Read story.

Return to Isla Vista

“I played Brad Paisley!” he shouted indignantly. “I played Brad Paisley!” Read story.

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Not Squeezed, Strangled

Rental manager getting evicted so landlord can raise rent on his apartment. Read Letter

P Is for Products

Petroleum is very useful stuff. You can make plastics, lubricants, a myriad of chemicals, and roads with it. Read Letter

Missing Ms. Schwyzer

As dance companies throw open their doors to a new performance season, absent from our corridors is the composed presence of our beloved Elizabeth Schwyzer. Read Letter

Memories of KDB

It's indeed a sad day when a local landmark shuts its doors forever. Read Letter

The Danger of Measure P

Measure P is ambiguous and misleading. Read Letter

Bike and Skateboard Concerns

Many bicyclists and skateboarders disregard pedestrians and nearly run over us without even a quick apology. Read Letter

Verifiable Lies

The oil industry is banking, literally, on your passiveness. Read Letter

What's in the Sand?

Being buried in the sand is not recommended. Read Letter

Deny the Risk

Just as the tobacco industry denied the risks associated with smoking long after the science was in, the oil industry denies the earthquake risks associated with extreme oil extraction processes. Read Letter

Pull the Plug on Diablo

The last thing any of us want post-earthquake is to wonder if the aged nuclear reactor up the coast might be melting down. Read Letter

Oil In, Oil Out

If removing oil production is a good idea, perhaps fossil fuel consumption should be no greater than fossil fuel production? Read Letter

Skateboarders and Drunks?

You're lumping skateboarders in with drunks and the mentally ill? Read Letter

The Rest of Us

For the money, let all the police and firemen vote no on Measure P. Read Letter

Disruption Is On

The People’s Climate Train is taking more than 150 other people to New York City for the People’s Climate March on September 21. Read Letter

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