Immigration Uncertainties

Humane and Legal Solutions Sought

What are possible solutions in order to have immigration be a humane and legal process? Read story.

From the Mouths of Dogs

Gang violence drops, and the injunction is up. Read story.

April, the Cruelest Month

Henry David Thoreau may be our most famous tax protester. Read story.

Vaccination Considerations

When is it ever ethical to a make a medical decision for your child that may endanger other children? Read story.

Immigration Uncertainties

Humane and Legal Solutions Sought

What are possible solutions in order to have immigration be a humane and legal process? Read story.

Fracking Ban Critical for Climate

Potential Well Projects Could Emit 4.9 Million Tons of GHG

High-intensity oil production could triple county greenhouse gas emissions. Read story.

The Security State and the Gang Injunction

Does Santa Barbara Want to Be Split into 'Security Zones'?

What do Deltopia, the Bundy ranch, and the gang injunction have in common? Read story.

Traditional Policing Needed, Not Gang Injunction

Crime Rates Down, No 'Urban Warzone'

Public interest has been renewed in Santa Barbara relating to the gang injunction. Read story.

Qualities of a Sheriff

A Close Look at the Office and Its Functions

Who is qualified to be Sheriff? Read story.

Muslims Fight Anti-Semitism

Israelite prophets are revered by both Jews and Muslims; anti-Semitism must be fought wherever it may be found. Read story.

American Riviera

Truth has been weirder than fiction in Isla Vista lately. Read story.


Riffing on both sides of the Deltopia debacle while feeling like each thought is a spell's magic tentacle. Read story.

Memories of Better Days Persist

Many St. Anthony's students have contacted me, and one asked about the barbershop, where he had sought refuge one ... Read story.

Sign Now to Ban Fracking

Please don't be one of the people who walks past me and says, "I don't have time." Sign a petition to ban fracking today! Read Letter

Whose Gaviota Is It?

From the Chumash and Spanish to Nicholas Den onward, who owns Gaviota? Read Letter

Out of Control

Our liberties, freedoms, and rights are being destroyed more each day. Read Letter

Camp Valhalla

The absurd special section on summer camps show that this is sort of a Valhalla for little white kids. Read Letter

Free Lunch? How 'Bout Free Wi-Fi?

How can people justify coming into coffee shops and taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi without buying anything? Read Letter

Healing St. Anthony's Hurts

"Room with a Pew" has been about one aspect of St. Anthony's, but there are two more sides to the story. Read Letter

A Poll

There are two stabbing victims and 15,000 drunks on your front lawn, who do you call? Read Letter

Just Enough Water

"Just enough water" to flow into Hilton Creek for the trout is seven to eight acre feet a day — every day. Read Letter

I.V. and Alcohol

Mr. Kettmann writes glowingly of the Isla Vista experience in "The Death of Isla Vista." Read Letter

War Dollars

We should spend more on critical needs — climate change, crumbling bridges and roadways, the growing divide between rich and poor — not the Pentagon. Read Letter

New Sheriff Would Prevent Deltopia

The recent street party in Isla Vista once again turned into a riot. How could this not be predicted by the team led by Sheriff Brown? Read Letter


Build an ark of sufficient cubits to hold 15,000 inebriates. Read Letter

POOPS for I.V.

There's something to be learned from the effect parents have on festive gatherings — the atmosphere immediately evaporates to be replaced with a still and wary watchfulness. Read Letter

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Sheriff Bill Brown has found it necessary to terminate the two custody deputies charged with excessive force before their day in court has occurred. Read Letter

Jennifer Koh, violin, Part III

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