The Palm: The Life and Legacy of John Palminteri (Ethan Stewart)

ON THE COVER: John Palminteri (also pictured above). Photos by Paul Wellman.

Dana Solomon

Congratulations to Dana Solomon, newly crowned winner of the first-ever Santa Barbara Independent Mustache Contest! The wonderful whiskers adorning Solomon's upper lip have been cultivated over four years, first with waxes, but all natural more recently. "The handlebar curl on the ends is the natural result of a lot of finger-twisting," Solomon said, "while scheming … " He claims that his magnificent mustache, thriving with the full support of his wife, Sadie, has become "part of the family" and will remain atop his lip indefinitely. "Also, I'm a little afraid of the tan line hiding underneath.”

In Print

Teacher Tenure Struck Down

Landmark Ruling Looks to Weed Lemons from Public Education

Landmark ruling looks to weed lemons from public education. Read story.

Chumash Winery Is No Joke

Tribal Descendent Tara Gomez Impresses and Inspires with Kitá Wines

Tribal descendent Tara Gomez impresses and inspires with Kitá Wines. Read story.

Our Annual Blue & Green Outdoor Adventure Guide

The Santa Barbara Independent Explores the Sea, Shore, and Sandstone

Exploring Santa Barbara adventures on the sea, shore, and sandstone.  Read story.

No Country for Old Dogs

Poodle Crosses Party Lines in Act of Political Vandalism but Comes Up Short

Poodle crosses party lines in an act of political vandalism but comes up short. Read story.

Curbing Young Urban Travelers

Poop-and-Pee Ordinance Proposed

Poop-and-pee ordinance proposed; sitting and lying laws may be enhanced. Read story.

Getting to Know Dizzy Wright

Las Vegas Rapper Talks Basketball, Fatherhood

The Las Vegas rapper talks basketball and fatherhood in anticipation of his upcoming stop at Velvet Jones. Read story.

Where to Watch the World Cup

Tips on Where to See the Fútbol Matchup

Every four years, the World Cup brings people together in cities around the globe, and Santa Barbara is no different. Read story.

The World Cup

How Far Will the U.S. Team Go, and S.B. International Students Root for Their Countries

How far will the U.S. soccer team go, and what some S.B. international students have to say about their country’s team. Read story.

Hoop Heroes

Basketball Superstars from S.B. are Honored at the Inaugural Court of Champions Dinner

Past and present basketball superstars in the community “who have achieved and/or made significant contributions to the game of basketball” are honored at the Court of Champions dinner. Read story.

Close Escapes in S.L.O. County

Adventures in Cambria, Pismo, and Santa Margarita

Two days of adventure and beauty in Cambria, Pismo, and Santa Margarita. Read story.

A Comet in Santa Barbara's Astronomical World

Dos Pueblo Student Daniel Godinez Looks for His Future Through a Telescope

As a young boy Daniel Godinez was encouraged to reach for the stars by dedicated teachers and scientists. Read story.

Temper Tantrum of the Early-Morning Dog

Dog Restates the Obvious in Aftermath of Isla Vista

The Dog restates the obvious in the aftermath of Isla Vista. Read story.

Chris Shiflett Goes Country

Foo Fighters Guitarist Brings Cowboy Covers to SOhO

The Foo Fighters guitarist returns home with his Dead Peasants. The band plays SOhO on June 5. Read story.

Interview: Pete Yorn

The Singer/Songwriter Embarks on His First-Ever Solo Tour

This week, the L.A.-based singer/songwriter embarks on his first-ever solo acoustic tour. He’ll play Velvet Jones on Saturday, May 31. Read story.

SBDIY Stands Strong

Biko Kept Doors and Arms Open Following I.V. Tragedy

Following Friday's tragedy, a few found solace through music at the Biko Co-op Garage. Read story.

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