Return to Rincon: Photographer Donnie Hedden Comes Home

ON THE COVER: Photo by Donnie Hedden.


The holidays have struck, and they've never hit The Santa Barbara Independent in quite this way. Years past have housed grumps of the bah-humbuggery faith, but our offices this season experienced the twinkling of mini-lights, the scent of balsam, and a touch of ceiling-level psychedelia — all engineered by elves-in-chief (from left) Rachel Gantz, Diane Mooshoolzadeh, Michelle Drown, Tanya Spears Guiliacci, Terry Ortega, Jackson Friedman, Marianne Kuga, and Aly Comingore and her dog, Potato — it's like a … miracle …

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Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

California Crossing with Cracker’s David Lowery

The Frontman Pulls Double Duty with Camper Van Beethoven at the Lobero

The Camper Van Beethoven frontman on the Inland Empire, Cracker’s new double disc, and early morning songwriting. Read story.

Get Your Holiday Shop On in Ojai

Gifts and Grub Pop Up at Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls brings its seasonal pop-up fare back to the Ojai Rancho Inn. Read story.

College Basketball So Far

John Zant Gives First Quarter Grades to UCSB and Westmont

While the players are dealing with term papers and final exams, John Zant gives first quarter grades to UCSB and Westmont. Read story.

The Miracles and Misery of Mt. Carmel

How the Failed Dreams of Cloistered Nuns Gave Birth to Santa Barbara Wine Country

How the failed dreams of cloistered nuns gave birth to Santa Barbara wine country. Read story.

Are They Going to Pot?

New Federal Rules, and Old Local Controversy

A look at new federal rules and an old local controversy. Read story.

Behavioral Health's 'Big Bang'

Dr. Alice Gleghorn Takes Over Once-Struggling Department

Dr. Alice Gleghorn takes over once-struggling department. Read story.

Profile: Pearl Bloom

Four Decades at Macy’s with No Plans to Retire

The 88-year-old has been working at Macy’s for 40 years and has no plans to retire. Read story.

Sports: Hiking the PCT

Former Gaucho’s Memories of His Pacific Crest Trail Trek

Greg Hummel was one of 15 people who walked the entire 2,650-mile length of the Pacific Crest Trail in 1977. Read story.

One Wrist at a Time

Tom Brown’s Quest to Conquer Cancer through Surfing and Your Forearm One Wrist at a Time

Santa Barbaran Tom Brown is on a quest to conquer cancer through surfing and your forearm. Read story.

A Santa Barbara Homecoming

Surf Photographer Donnie Hedden Boomerangs Back to His Childhood Home

Surf photographer Donnie Hedden returns to his childhood home, rediscovering its waves and ways. Read story.

Last Train to DogVille

Feinstein and Boxer Drop Bombshells on Way Out Door

Feinstein and Boxer drop bombshells on the way out the door. Read story.

Governing the Anarchist Bubble of Isla Vista

With Das Williams in the Lead, Taxation and Control is Examined in Earnest

With Das Williams in the lead, taxation and control is examined in earnest. Read story.

Mansions on the Moon: A Creative History

L.A. Electro Rockers Headline SOhO

The Los Angeles electro rockers will headline SOhO on December 11. Read story.

'Tis the Season 2014

The Complete and Cool Guide to Santa Barbara's Yuletide

Check out S.B.'s complete and definitive guide to all things merry and bright this season. Read story.

Biting the Hand That Bleeds You

Can the Isla Vista Genie Get Crammed Back Into Its Bottle?

Can the Isla Vista genie get crammed back into its bottle? Read story.

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