Ha Ha, Very Funny: LOL Comedy Festival Hits Downtown (Independent Staff)

On the cover: Artwork by Ben Ciccati.

Helping a Cause

When the ALS Golden West Chapter tapped The Indy for the ice bucket challenge, our "yes!" was tempered by our waterless state: douse ourselves with glitter, newspaper confetti, or Cristal instead? (Yeah, right, Jackson.) Buckets of icy water on civic lawns? The shore of East Beach! Brilliant. Seawater on ice soaked 20 Indyites — here demonstrated by Marianne Partridge, our editor in chief, with a helping hand from a gleeful Joe Cole, our publisher — with the money to benefit the Walk to Defeat ALS on October 5. Check out the challenge video (and a link to Salud Carbajal's waterlogged reply to ours) here!

In Print

Selected stories from our weekly newspaper.

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