Jumps, Hops, and Races

Saturday, November 23, 2013

On behalf of the Elings Park BMX Raceway staff (Lia, Brian, Scott, and myself), thank you to Andie Bridges for her wonderful write up of our track in Pedal On’s BMX Riders Soar.” It offered the community a glimpse of the fun we have there, and we’re grateful for that.

As the “self-appointed track historian,” I would also like give thanks where it is initially due. Elings Park BMX was once Santa Barbara BMX and was founded by Dale and Lisa Bowers.

They have actually been recipients of The Santa Barbara Independent Local Hero award, and without them, BMX, whether for recreational riding or competitive racing, would not have a home in Santa Barbara. We at Elings Park BMX Raceway owe them a debt of gratitude.

And we hope to see any of you out there on either a BMX or mountain bike; you’re all welcome to ride, so come on out!

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