Andy Griggs

Singer and guitar player, Andy, will play his hits.

When: Thursday, Oct. 10, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Ranch and Reata Roadhouse, 3569 Sagunto St, Santa Ynez, CA

Cost: $25 - $30

Age limit: Not available

Categories: Country


Andy Griggs has seen plenty of changes in the country scene since he first debuted, back when kings like Waylon and Johnny still walked among us and "idols" were just little gold statues. Turning heads with his unmistakably soulful and Southern-as-molasses sound, he quickly topped the charts with hits like "You Won't Ever Be Lonely" and "I'll Go Crazy." And he weathered some down times, too, when things just didn't quite connect. But while the music business and its infinite changes continued to swirl around him through the years, one thing never changed: his belief in the power of a phenomenal song. And on his brand new Montage Music Group album, he has assembled a collection of what he believes are some of the absolute, best songs of his career.
The new album covers plenty of ground musically, from barn-burning rockers and retro-feeling story tunes to soul-searing ballads and bonified weepers. Andy translates each tale perfectly, channeling his bluesy, soulful side on tracks like "All About The Money," a cautionary tale about the root of all evil, and "Long Way Down," a wailing good time of a tune about the power of a woman's charms. His crystal clear vocals weigh heavy with anguish on "What If It's Me," a song about a man who finally realizes why his relationships keep crashing and burning, as well as on the power ballad "Tears And Time." And contemplative cuts like "If You Had Called Yesterday" and the masterfully written "Time Is A Gypsy" find Andy testifying in the bittersweet tones of a man who has crossed that line of no return in a relationship. He even channels a bit of his inner Elvis on "You Can't Drive My Cadillac," a fun, rockabilly-tinged ode to the American classic that lets a woman know just how far she can push her man. And he proves he can still rock with the best of them on the self-penned "Long Stretch Of Lonesome," a pounding, thumping backbeat of a Waylon tune that is an unapologetic love song to the open road and its unfettering promise.

Event posted Oct. 3, 2013
Last updated Oct. 3, 2013


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