Pvt Wars

This comedy in two acts tells the story of 3 G.I.s recovering from the Vietnam War.

When: Friday, Nov. 15, 2013, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Plaza Playhouse Theater, 4916 Carpinteria Ave., Carpinteria, CA

Cost: $12 - $15

Age limit: Not available

Categories: Comedy, Theater


We bring you "Pvt Wars", a comedy in two acts, written by James McClure and directed by Bill Egan.

"Pvt Wars" tells the story of 3 G.I.s recovering from Vietnam War injuries whiling away their time on the terrace of an Army hospital. Sean O'Shea, Sean Jackson and George Coe bring the characters; a hillbilly, a streetwise big-city type, and a prissy "rich kid" from Long Island, to the stage.

Comprised of a series of brief blackout scenes, the play blends these into a meaningful mosaic as the three tease, torment, entertain, exasperate and, on occasion, solace each other—maintaining throughout a hilarity that belies their deep concern about the uncertainties of the civilian world to which they will soon be returning.

Phone: 805-684-6380

Event posted Oct. 31, 2013
Last updated Nov. 1, 2013


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