Asking For Things Without Words: Embodiment of Action Onset as a Toddler’s “Communication Tool

Irene Checa-Garcia of the University of Wyoming will talk on children and communication.

When: Friday, May 24, 2013, 1:30 p.m.

Where: UCSB, Santa Barbara

Cost: Not available

Age limit: All ages

Categories: Lectures


Event will held in Education building in room 120.

Much earlier than they are able to talk, very young children communicate with visible body behavior as they build social interaction with peers and caregivers. Frequently, these interactions focus on asking for some course of action. How do these infants achieve their goal without words? Toddlers embody the beginning of a course of action to incite it. Even very young children are sensitive to, and seemingly aware of, the sequential ordering of certain events, and use such ordering to prompt the desired course of action by embodying the very onset of the action. They are not merely performing an action, but also using it to signify a course of action and to ask for that action.

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Event posted May 13, 2013
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