Adapt Festival 2013: Master Class in Klein Technique

Barbara Mahler will instruct participants on dance and movement techniques.

When: Wednesday, July 24, 2013, 9:30 a.m.

Where: Montecito School of Ballet, 529 E. Gutierrez St., Santa Barbara

Cost: $15

Age limit: 16+

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Barbara Mahler is a choreographer, performer, movement educator, body worker – a Master teacher of and major contributor to the outreach of Klein Technique™, and currently an ongoing faculty member with Movement Research, NYC since 2004, and ongoing Guest Artist at the School for Contemporary Dance in Copenhagen, Denmark (1994-present) As well, she a Faculty member and certified practitioner of Zero Balancing. She is the recipient BAX10 award for 2013 in Arts Education.

As well as choreographing and teaching, she maintains a private practice in hands on healing work, using the techniques and principles of Zero Balancing, Connective Tissue Therapy, and other modalities, working with injury rehabilitation and prevention; movement re-education and coordination. She has been an ongoing faculty member with Movement Research NYC since 2004; teaching group classes aimed towards the improvement of coordination, alignment and general physical well being. Barbara’s viewpoint of the well-functioning person/body is grounded in her long – standing work in the dance and movement field. Her major and most consistent source of information has come from the study and teaching (1979-present) of Klein Technique (certified teacher of and major contributor to); and (1983-present) Zero Balancing, along with the perspectives and insights gained from re-educating her own body.

Barbara focuses on and provides the tools to support movement of all styles of dance and other activities, including everyday life. The essential premise is that the postural and movement support of the body is the same in all activities.

Phone: 805-569-0389

Event posted March 1, 2013
Last updated March 1, 2013


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