La Razón Blindada

Performed entirely in Spanish with English supertitles, this play tells the story of two political prisoners, oppressed by physical and emotional abuse, who find solace in meeting every Sunday at dusk to tell stories.

When: Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012, 2 p.m.

Where: Rubicon Theatre, 1006 E. Main St., Ventura, CA

Cost: $10 - $54

Age limit: Not available

Categories: Theater


Their storytelling unravels amidst the extreme limitations imposed by their condition of inmates in a maximum security prison. It is fueled by the vital need to tell each other a story that could save them, that could transport them to a human adventure situated in the realm of imagination, where hardship and fear can't reach them, where the most intense pain can be mitigated by the act of imagining a different reality. In this way, they continuously reinvent Don Quixote, the knight-errant who constantly takes windmills for giants, withered women for maidens, and prisons for paradises, a character who exiles himself in insanity, that strange state of harmless straggle, an oblique strategy for survival.

$25-$54 for regular tickets; gala is $125 and includes a tax-deductible donation to Rubicon. Tickets for full-time students (with ID) are $10 for regular performances. Discounts available for seniors and for groups of 12 or more. Premium seats have been held for each performance for new subscribers.

Phone: 805-667-2900

Event posted Sept. 27, 2012
Last updated Oct. 2, 2012


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