Morris Moishe Squire

Art show.

When: Thursday, Oct. 2, 2008, 8 p.m.

Where: EOS Lounge, 500 Anacapa St., Santa Barbara

Cost: Not available

Age limit: 21+

Categories: Exhibitions


Going beyond the bounds of foreground and background, flattening space while also creating that of a three-dimensional one, Morris Moishe Squire creates works of art that stand as boundless and timeless, and evokes the Pop Art, Warholian essence of the 1960's. Portraying subjects in places that are reminiscent of a muddled dream, Moishe creates portraits that are romantic, sensuous and all out daring.
Showing through Wednesday, October 15th.

Phone: 805-564-2410

Event posted Sept. 29, 2008
Last updated Jan. 11, 2010


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