With a "nice" and a "naughty" show

When: Friday, March 7, 2008, 8 p.m.

Where: Embarcadero Hall, Embarcadero del Norte and Seville Rd., Isla Vista, CA

Cost: $3 - $5

Age limit: Not available

Categories: Comedy


First up at 8 PM is the "Nice" show, a verbally tame Improvability performance with the same rollicking and unpredictable sense of humor that these performers maintained throughout the quarter.
But at 10 PM comes the "Naughty" show, where the troupe finally unleashes months' worth of pent up inappropriate language and vile jokes in one cathartic performance.
"We are a volcano of vulgarity, with a healthy hint of hilarity that has been slowly bubbling up all quarter and will now erupt," Improvability performer, David TenBrook said.
Our psychiatrist tells us split personalities like this are normal for improv troupes, and both shows are sure to be some of the best yet. If you haven't seen Improvability this quarter, or ever, one thing is certain: the time is now to experience these fine, unscripted actors.

Phone: 805-893-7464

Event posted Feb. 28, 2008
Last updated Jan. 11, 2010


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