December 18, 10:10 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Court Workers Picket for Pay Raise" Jawohl, bestimmt. Read More.

December 18, 10:05 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Homeless Move into New Isla Vista Digs" ahem, you really need to do more for yourself than expect other people to take care of you. Your pity party is out to lunch. Read More.

December 18, 10:04 PM

JarvisJarvis on "In Search of Home" Huh, progressive only means funding public employee unions with your public dollars. They are doing extremely well here. Mission accomplished. Plus they built a lot of low-income housing sufficient to ... Read More.

December 18, 10:03 PM

JohnTieber on "Cuba Libre?" Cubans would be fools to trust the US, and should be very careful about opening the country. It is not only the USAID meddling or the Cuban missile crisis (which ... Read More.

December 18, 9:59 PM

JarvisJarvis on "No CLASS in Affordable Care Act" Typical long term care is approx 5 years. If you have no other sources of income, expect to keep assets to cover approximately $80,000 a year for a very nice ... Read More.

December 18, 9:51 PM

billclausen on "In Search of Home" How ironic that in a city which prides itself on being politically "progressive" that the working-class cannot afford to live there. Read More.

December 18, 9:46 PM

ahem on "Homeless Move into New Isla Vista Digs" Some people can turn lemonade into lemons. Read More.

December 18, 9:18 PM

Tigershark on "Miramar Languishes in Limbo Amid Parking Concerns" Logan, A public park with the mainline coastal train line running through it! Great idea. Especially if the number of trains increases to provide commuter or Metrolink service. Of course, ... Read More.

December 18, 9:12 PM

at_large on "In Search of Home" I am sorry. I have nothing useful to offer except my sympathy. ...I do think, however, that landlords are not allowed to discriminate against children. You might want to check ... Read More.

December 18, 9:06 PM

Longtermcareprimer on "No CLASS in Affordable Care Act" One common misconception among Americans when it comes to the affordable care act, it does not necessarily cover nor address one of the biggest risk in their nest egg - ... Read More.

December 18, 9:00 PM

SFGiants on "Christmas Naughty List" Ms. Thorn, good news! In less than two years your ODS will clear up! Read More.

December 18, 8:51 PM

JohnTieber on "Is Ours a Society That Accepts Torture?" "I appeal to your [CIA director's] better nature not to accept torture as legitimate practice." It's nice to see a post opposing torture [incidentally: the author of this post is ... Read More.

December 18, 8:29 PM

loganwc on "Miramar Languishes in Limbo Amid Parking Concerns" How about Warner Meadows. Ty Warner buys the property, deeds it to the county and creates a park with soccer fields, basketball courts and beach access? Part of his rehab. ... Read More.

December 18, 7:32 PM

EatTheRich on "Court Workers Picket for Pay Raise" @JarvisJarvis: "Why is it so hard to think that others come here with nothing, work hard, save and invest with no help whatsoever from anyone." Arbeit macht frei Read More.

December 18, 7:18 PM

dolphinpod14 on "Homeless Move into New Isla Vista Digs" "And the media loves to report those who are winning the campaign donation derby" JarvisJarvis (anonymous profile) December 18, 2014 at 7:03 p.m. Is that how politics are run in ... Read More.

December 18, 7:16 PM

dolphinpod14 on "College Basketball So Far" Photo caption: "Despite being suddenly hit with a terrible case of indigestion, Mitchell manages to cheer her team on to a 87-86 win over the Noleta Rockets". Read More.

December 18, 7:03 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Homeless Move into New Isla Vista Digs" The "media" does not say vote for this person alone. Candidates who take in the most money from the most special interest groups can buy the most media too. And ... Read More.

December 18, 6:56 PM

geeber on "College Basketball So Far" I'm sorry to have to say this but I think it is time the coaching be reevaluated. This team has stubbed their toes too many times considering the talent they ... Read More.

December 18, 6:56 PM

JarvisJarvis on "Court Workers Picket for Pay Raise" ETR, you are your own worst enemy. City and County pay way more than $23 an hour. Those jobs are dangling right under your nose. 2 year nurses make more ... Read More.

December 18, 6:55 PM

billclausen on "Profile: Pearl Bloom" Nice story, quite inspirational. We need more stories such as this. Read More.

December 18, 6:53 PM

billclausen on "The Miracles and Misery of Mt. Carmel " Al Capone made a fortune in the (albeit illegal at the time) booze industry; Drug lords make unbelievable amounts of money doing what they do, so this is just par ... Read More.

December 18, 6:51 PM

billclausen on "Highway Project Promises to Ruin City Traffic" Nero fiddles while Rome burns.. One small problem: The state is in debt and this area already has too many people. It turns out that all those Liberals screaming about ... Read More.

December 18, 6:44 PM

billclausen on "Homeless Move into New Isla Vista Digs" I'm not sure if I agree with you on the game being rigged--at least not in the literal sense. The media says "vote for this person" and the people go ... Read More.

December 18, 6:40 PM

billclausen on "Court Workers Picket for Pay Raise" Hell has frozen over. While I don't agree with some of ETR's invectives, he/she is speaking truth to fantasy. Read More.

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