August 29, 1:48 PM

tabatha on "The Bicycle Alternative" Good letter. Thankfully, Goleta has just received funding toward more Pedestrian and Cyclist safety. I take my hat off to all those who cycle, walk, or exercise in any way, ... Read More.

August 29, 1:46 PM

howgreenwasmyvalley on "Poisonous Bird Food?" Most classy resorts use "birds of prey" as a deterrent. I have seen at them used at the Bacara Resort and the Hyatt Resort on Mission Bay, where bird handlers ... Read More.

August 29, 1:45 PM

dontoasthecoast on "Recycling" I am curious to hear the authors take on the new County plan to digest food and yard waste in digesters to make gas used to power generators. The by ... Read More.

August 29, 1:23 PM

random_kook on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" I wonder if landlords have a "no weapons" clause in the leases. If so, it would leave the door open for room mates to complain before a situation developed. It ... Read More.

August 29, 1:02 PM

sevendolphins on "The Bicycle Alternative" Did you ever do the count, AutoCoalition? **I DID**, Van Hengel never showed up at the 8 intersections I counted. All traffic counts are inherently difficult. That is why when ... Read More.

August 29, 12:47 PM

nativeson on "Thirsty Montecitans Trucking in Water During Drought" Of course, good points, r-k. If they ever get around to building a desalination plant, it should float, because the shoreline may be north of Gutierrez Street. Read More.

August 29, 12:43 PM

sbreader on "Teen Killed on 101" I still think Jarvis and loon are the same person with serious schizophrenic problems. Read More.

August 29, 12:41 PM

AutoCoalition on "The Bicycle Alternative" The City/Bicycle Coalition count was supervised by Dr. Dru Van Hengel, who worked for the city transportation department until early 2011 when she left the city to take a position ... Read More.

August 29, 12:34 PM

loonpt on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" C'mon blah, watch my funny video, you of all people will like the ending. Read More.

August 29, 12:18 PM

madmike272 on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" Brass knuckles eh? What kind of hood rat is he, a gang banger? Read More.

August 29, 12:04 PM

blahblahmoreblah on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" Spiders? So that's what unsuspecting people on Del Playa are called these days eh? Read More.

August 29, 11:52 AM

sevendolphins on "The Bicycle Alternative" I've actually been a counter several times during the bike count. Its one defect is that lots of volunteers do it. It is easy to miss bikes, particularly because cyclists ... Read More.

August 29, 11:48 AM

loonpt on "Disabled Deception" The fact that there always seems to be several open handicap spots that are hardly ever used in front of most businesses makes me not really care to harass anybody ... Read More.

August 29, 11:25 AM

spacey on "Disabled Deception" who made you and your wife swami Richard? What crystal ball do you peer into that makes you see disability? It can come in many circumstances besides walking. If you ... Read More.

August 29, 11:20 AM

loonpt on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" Brass knucks??? Pretty sure they were just for killing spiders. Read More.

August 29, 11:10 AM

random_kook on "Thirsty Montecitans Trucking in Water During Drought" If it doesn't rain then the people who like to bath will have to move to another state. Bathing is overrated. If you believe in climate change then you probably ... Read More.

August 29, 10:53 AM

blahblahmoreblah on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" Sounds like somebody's adderall supply got cut. Cliffs, guns? What's the difference? They're Isla Vista population controls. As long as he doesn't take anybody else out, what's the issue? YOLO! Read More.

August 29, 10:50 AM

loonpt on "Teen Killed on 101" As I stated on Starshine's recent column 16 is not too young to drive and neither is 15 for learning. If the age were raised to 18 then you would ... Read More.

August 29, 10:29 AM

dou4now on "Militant Police" The Body Armor issue has nothing to do with these crazy shooters, none of them have been found wearing these vests, although the Santa Ann Bank robbery is one such ... Read More.

August 29, 10:04 AM

14noscams on "Measure S: The $288 Million Question" The city charter, which removed the mandate for competitive bidding on contracts (Public Contract Code), has resulted in costs to taxpayers that include $300/hr paid to landscpe architects a decade ... Read More.

August 29, 9:56 AM

nativeson on "Thirsty Montecitans Trucking in Water During Drought" Very few seem to be taking the drought seriously. Seems like most think it will rain—sometime, hopefully soon. While that’s a fine sentiment, the facts don’t seem to support it: ... Read More.

August 29, 9:46 AM

JarvisJarvis on "Teen Killed on 101" Would it have worked out better had the truck driven been killed and the 16 year old lived? An unsupervised 16 year old with a Mustang going the wrong way ... Read More.

August 29, 9:43 AM

EastBeach on "Big Bucks for Bike Projects" @at_large, I second that. Kudos to those involved in getting the grant and making this happen. If it were a car bridge, there'd be a lot of traffic zooming through ... Read More.

August 29, 9:41 AM

howgreenwasmyvalley on "Drug-Dog Days Continue" No Fourth Amendment in the re-education camps. shameful 'The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not ... Read More.

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