July 31, 6:14 AM

nativeson on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" You can't be serious, DB. I mean, really, what level of insincerity could possibly make you believe that anyone who puts a suicide vest on themselves or others has a ... Read More.

July 31, 6:09 AM

dolphinpod14 on "We All Need Health Care Now" I hope this includes mental h ealth care. Read More.

July 31, 6:05 AM

Botany on "Marriage: No Diversity " Marriage is less of a procreative relationship than it is an economic one. People at the bottom of the economic ladder don't get married to preserve their government benefits. Likewise, ... Read More.

July 31, 6:04 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Marriage: No Diversity " Dr.Dan has been married almost half his life. As I sit here, completly plastered on Jack Daniels, the thought comes into mind: For those opposed to gay marriage, do U ... Read More.

July 31, 5:59 AM

dolphinpod14 on "Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower" Mr_helpful, I lived there so long I used to call it "FRANK Torres". I have an idea, if Armenta wants to have the tallest building in the county, he can ... Read More.

July 31, 5:48 AM

billclausen on "A Once and Future Dog" The real issue is that many countries to the south of us are cesspools of corruption and rather than have the guts to own up to their bad governance they ... Read More.

July 31, 5:44 AM

rukidding on "Congress Jumps into Dodger Broadcast Dispute" Always on the sidelines, never taking a stand on anything, and never passing any type of legislation, ever. What a piece of work she is. Capps could be replaced by ... Read More.

July 31, 5:42 AM

billclausen on "Congress Jumps into Dodger Broadcast Dispute" Why can't we have more cable services? Competition is good, it brings down prices. Read More.

July 31, 5:39 AM

mr_helpful on "Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower" The UCSB dorm formerly known as Franciso Torres is 11 stories. Read More.

July 31, 5:30 AM

dou4now on "We All Need Health Care Now" Peter Conn, wishful thinking... Read More.

July 31, 5:11 AM

DrDan on "A Once and Future Dog" Wonderful column. Read More.

July 31, 4:55 AM

DavyBrown on "Marriage: No Diversity " what an ugly thing you write, doodly-crudely: "Marrying same-sex couples is superfluous as it would be to have a wedding ceremony for two cats. " ! Read More.

July 31, 4:43 AM

DavyBrown on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" every child in Gaza isn't "a child of Hamas" or "children of Hamas" just as every kid in Israel isn't a "child of Likud", nativeson. I notice you are quick ... Read More.

July 31, 2:35 AM

dewdly on "Marriage: No Diversity " Botany, What other personal relationship besides civil marriage is sanctioned and regulated by the state? Roommates, friends, neighbors, workmates, schoolmates, brothers, and sisters, grandparents, aunts, and uncles? Civil marriage was ... Read More.

July 31, 2:14 AM

nativeson on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" No, Davy Brown, I didn't state that. Sorry it wasn't as clear as it should have been, but I am referencing "Hamas", which people I assume have their own children ... Read More.

July 31, 1:46 AM

dewdly on "U.S. Helps Destroy Gaza" Tabatha, The farmers and dentists remark is pretty funny considering that the "ruthless" Assad is an ophthalmologist. Read More.

July 31, 1:39 AM

billclausen on "Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower" How ironic; I just ran across this, I though this woman was long dead: Read More.

July 31, 1:10 AM

DrDan on "Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower" This would DOUBLE the number of hotel rooms, add 25% more parking, and use 40% more water {another 35,000 gallons @ day} -- I have defended the Santa Ynez Tribe's ... Read More.

July 31, 12:58 AM

DrDan on "Marriage: No Diversity " dolphinpod15 and I are very perturbed when KV, Botany, and DavyBrown agree on something: it ain't natural or right (or, left). The younger generation in w. Europe are really leaving ... Read More.

July 31, 12:45 AM

Ken_Volok on "We All Need Health Care Now" "That's right loonpt," how many times does that phrase come up in polite conversation:? Read More.

July 31, 12:08 AM

LOOKINGFORAGOODREAD on "We All Need Health Care Now" That's right loonpt, Cut the government budget. Repeal the 16th Amendment. Vote for a person who will not be persuaded by corporate lobbyists. In Santa Barbara, that's only three different ... Read More.

July 30, 11:54 PM

LOOKINGFORAGOODREAD on "Marriage: No Diversity " Botany and dewdly, Marriage is anchored in the capacity to deal with diversity. Marriage rates are going down. 31 out of 1000 women get married each year. Divorce rates? steady. ... Read More.

July 30, 11:52 PM

DavyBrown on "Marriage: No Diversity " Botany, dewdly-crudely is literally from another era, but she's trying to join ours AND bore us all to death Read More.

July 30, 11:49 PM

SilverCloud11 on "Chumash Propose 12-Story Hotel Tower" Why are we providing this "sovereign nation" with our scarce water? Why do we treat there sewage or let them use our roads for free. A gate should be put ... Read More.

July 30, 11:37 PM

loonpt on "We All Need Health Care Now" I've tried explaining to tabatha that the Koch brothers are corporatists and not really libertarians and completely co-opted and destroyed the real libertarian movement that should be based on peace, ... Read More.

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