September 1, 4:28 AM

geeber on "Measure P Is for Air Pollution" nativegeo = troll on the dole. Read More.

September 1, 3:23 AM

dewdly on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Davy, Why should the U.S. "help" Israel? Read More.

September 1, 12:35 AM

dou4now on "Wake Up, America" There were 9/11 attacks in 2001? Gosh! I must have forgot that as my life revolves around my Facebook and I-phone 24/7. Oh Look! The Kardashian's have posted Party pic's ... Read More.

September 1, 12:24 AM

dou4now on "The Gorilla in the Vacation Rental" "Twice, he notes, uninvited, inebriated renters have barged into residents’ homes", gets you shot and the survivors charged with 'Home Invasion', not to mention the Landlord/Renter also get sued for ... Read More.

September 1, 12:04 AM

dou4now on "Loaded Gun Seized from Suicidal UCSB Student" "Sticks and stones may break my bones (and Kill you) / But names will never hurt me". Read More.

August 31, 9:40 PM

jtieber on "Wake Up, America" Regarding my earlier point that the increasing tempo of support for terror regimes all over the world (cannibals in Syria, ISIS wherever useful, neo-Nazis and oligarch private armies in Ukraine) ... Read More.

August 31, 9:40 PM

random_kook on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" The oil politics are in the interest of the Federal Reserve and other Wall Street banks, it doesn't benefit the average American. The point of the effort is to maintain ... Read More.

August 31, 9:34 PM

random_kook on "Wake Up, America" The lesson to be learned from the financial crisis, the bailouts, the occupy movement, and the statistics about wealth accumulation and its effect on democracy is that the USA does ... Read More.

August 31, 9:07 PM

dewdly on "Wake Up, America" The first thing to learn from 9/11 is that Muslims did not do it and the next thing to learn is who did and why they blamed Muslims. Read More.

August 31, 8:42 PM

dewdly on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Herschel, Oil is a commodity that is bought and sold on the world market. That makes it a business interest, not a national interest. What is our national interest in ... Read More.

August 31, 8:23 PM

DavyBrown on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" I'm aware of the so-called pre-emptive strike by Israel vs. Egypt, and have read Michael B. Oren's definitive book THE SIX-DAY WAR, but a more nuanced approach shows that Israeli ... Read More.

August 31, 8:17 PM

DavyBrown on "Wake Up, America" interesting, nativeson, yet I also think the Fortress America strategy of 1930s isolationism will not protect us from the follies on the periphery. Read More.

August 31, 8:12 PM

Herschel_Greenspan on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Uh we have a national interest in keeping the oil flowing from the Middle East. There is this thing called the world economy it runs on the flow of oil. ... Read More.

August 31, 7:38 PM

dewdly on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Botany, Israel's wars are primarily the ones they get us to fight. We have no national interests to protect in Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Tunisia, ... Read More.

August 31, 7:29 PM

nativeson on "Wake Up, America" The poster East Beach wrote: “I claim that inability is primarily due to critical mis-steps from the get go by Bush et. al. followed (b)y poor execution by the likes ... Read More.

August 31, 7:21 PM

dewdly on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Davy, Israel made a preemptive strike against Egypt in the Six Day War, that is to say, Israel was the first to use military force. Israel attacked Egypt. Read More.

August 31, 7:08 PM

jtieber on "Wake Up, America" My comments generally are intended for those already aware that, particularly regarding international affairs, CNN-NYT-HuffPost-WSJ-ABC-NBC-BBC-WaPo-CBS-MSNBC-NPR et al lie incessantly, as 90% of USA corporate media is controlled by five transnational ... Read More.

August 31, 6:28 PM

DavyBrown on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" as usual, dewdly has reading comprehension problems, which Botany can also see: I wrote about 1967, "The major event is the Six Day War of 1967 when Israel, after being ... Read More.

August 31, 6:25 PM

DavyBrown on "Wake Up, America" jtieber supports Igor Strelsky [aka Girkin] and other Russian "mercenaries" destabilizing eastern Ukraine and has done so in writing at length on other Indy threads. He is ALWAYS vs. USA ... Read More.

August 31, 6:15 PM

nativegeo on "Measure P Is for Air Pollution" I apologize for comparing Greka to Solyndra. Imagine Greka with half a billion dollars from Obama. They could build solar airplanes and fly the Water Guardians to France. Read More.

August 31, 5:26 PM

Botany on "Europe's View of Israel and Gaza" Israel's wars? The last "Israeli" war will be the only one they lose. Read More.

August 31, 5:17 PM

14noscams on "Measure P Is for Air Pollution" tabatha - "Solar is free" obviously "The Solyndra debacle is not just Obama-style crony socialism as usual. It is a criminal fraud. That is the theory that would be guiding ... Read More.

August 31, 5:05 PM

danz2joy on "Skateboarding Is Not a Crime!" OMG…Did anyone of you commentators even bother to read the article? The author was advocating for the legality of skateboarders using the bike lanes downtown, as many of them already ... Read More.

August 31, 4:41 PM

14noscams on "Measure P Is for Air Pollution" nuffalready - Don't worry about tabatha's ad hominem attacks, since the article he/she copied was referring to Canada, not the US. Johnson123 - you should probably complain to the IRS ... Read More.

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